GolfBox Christmas Gift Guide

GolfBox Christmas Gift Guide

Posted by GolfBox on 30th Nov 2018


If you’ve been told to “keep a lid on it” with your Christmas gift giving this festive season, GolfBox’s assortment of novelty headcovers will do exactly that.

Giving a novelty headcover to a loved one this Christmas will no doubt be appreciated on two fronts. Firstly, they’ll do an admirable job protecting clubs and putters from scratches and dents. And secondly, their eye-catching appearance will attract attention from interested onlookers, meaning there will be no more awkward silences when playing a round with strangers.

Choose from cuddly animal-inspired headcovers by Daphne, patriotic headcovers from The Back Nine or a broad range of headcovers in the Creative Covers range that feature superheroes, cartoon characters and some quirky ones that have to be seen - words simply can not do them justice.

Price: $39.99-$59.99


When words fail to express just how much your golfing loved one means to you, the Emoji golf range is here to help this Christmas.

Whether it’s a golf ball covered with the winking-eye face or an umbrella emblazoned with the cry-laugh face, the Emoji range will accurately communicate what your words can’t. OK maybe not the poop emoji, but each to their own.

A gift from the Emoji product range, which includes golf balls, umbrellas, ball markers, headcovers and gift packs, will have any keen golfer ROLFing on Christmas morning.

Price: $9.99-$49.99


Your job of buying a Christmas present for the footy-mad golfer, and there’s more than a few of them out there, is really quite simple. Drum roll please, introducing... AFL and NRL golf gift packs.

Rolling two great passions into one perfect present, the packs contain balls, tees, a ball marker, divot repair tool and towel that feature the colours and logo of your loved one’s favourite footy club.

And with pre-season matches starting only weeks after Christmas, it’s never too early to support your team - out on the course, of course.

Price: $29.99-$39.99


It was never easy to open a bottle in style before Bottlepops were invented.

There was the constant battle to find the rim while keeping the bottle still, not to mention the ungainly elbow and wrist action needed to pivot the opener off the leverage point, especially if the opener was attached to a set of car keys. And it was boring.

Then Bottlepops were invented, making bottle opening both efficient and funny.

A simple press of the Bottlepop will result in the bottle cap being removed without spilling a drop of its precious contents and in the same motion, one of 24 mainly humourous pre-recorded sounds or phrases will chirp out, leaving you and your fellow drinkers in stitches.

Of particular interest for the golfer in your life is the golf-themed Bottlepop, which looks and feels like a real golf ball. However, all 16 AFL teams are represented along with cricket and rugby Bottlepops.

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift with maximum impact, end the search now: Bottlepops are here.

Price: $14.99-$19.99


If you’ve got a bit of a tech-head in the family who enjoys golf stats, the Game Golf game tracker is probably the greatest thing you'll find this Christmas.

With GPS sensors attached to the end of each club in the bag, Game Golf automatically logs and saves important user statistics - such as average distances, shot shape tendencies and accuracy percentages for each club in the bag - to the free Game Golf app.

Strengths and weaknesses of a golfer's overall game are laid bare in forensic detail, identifying which areas of their game need the most attention in order to improve scoring - now that's a perfect gift.

Price: $99


If you want your gift to measure up on Christmas morning, then you might want to place a Sureshot JG rangefinder in the stocking.

The Sureshot JG rangefinder measures distances with incredible accuracy using laser technology. It features a Pinloc function that locks onto pins to provide accurate distances to the flag quicker than you can say "which club?", and a 6x zoom that provides a clear and crisp view of what lies ahead.

The unit is waterproof for use in wet conditions, which also might come in handy at the end of a particularly festive Christmas Day celebration.

Price: $199


The quandary: the golfer in your life has asked for: 1. A GPS distance device; 2. A timepiece; and 3. Something stylish to wear.

The solution: the Bushnell Ion GPS golf watch.

With more than 35,000 courses pre-loaded, the Bushnell Ion gives GPS-calibrated distances to the front, centre and rear of greens as well as providing shot distance calculations.

The Bushnell Ion also features distances to hazards and layup points and has a silicone band that maximises comfort during a round and looks equally classy off the course.

And one more thing. It tells the time, which can be used to remind the in-laws they have outstayed their Christmas Day welcome by a couple of hours.

Price: $179


If you're buying for a golf-mad mum, sister, aunty, wife or even fiance, the Navika range of golf products is exactly what you've been searching for.

The 160-odd Navika products on offer at GolfBox bring a bit of bling and a sense of fun to the occasionally stuffy game of golf.

Navika’s assortment of crystal-encrusted ball markers will sparkle on the greens and can be paired with a magnetic necklace, on which the ball marker can be kept and flaunted from when it's waiting to be used.

And the Navika golf ball range is the most eye-catching in golf, with bold colours and polka dot patterns. In fact they're so unique, you’ll never have to check which ball is yours again.

Other products in the Navika range include beaded stroke counters, golf towels, divot repair tools and hat clips, all of which bring a little bit of glitz and glamour to the golf course.

Just a reminder if you weren't already sold; there's nothing like giving the gift of bling this Christmas.

Price: $9.99-$39.99


The Glove It range could well be the perfect fit for the female golfer in your life this Christmas.

As the name suggests, Glove It has a selection of golf gloves that are the polar opposite in appearance to the everyday generic brand-name varieties.

Glove It golf gloves feature artistic prints and bright colours that make a stylish statement out on the course, and it's not just about looks. Glove It golf gloves are renowned for their comfort and quality, with leather in the palm and stretchy lycra on the outside.

The Glove It range also has visors, towels, headcovers and a range of bags (cart, shoe, tote and carry) that share the same stylish artistic vision.

For a Christmas gift that’ll fit like a glove, try something from the Glove It range at GolfBox.

Price: $19.99-$299


This little gem will help a dodgy putter hole some putts this Christmas and no doubt continue well into the new year.

The Puttout putting trainer hones accuracy as well as distance control, with the curved ramp returning the ball the distance it would’ve finished behind the hole if a putt missed.

And for hours and hours of fun, a pop-out micro target is the ultimate challenge.

Only a putt with the perfect pace and accuracy will come to rest in the small indentation halfway up the curved ramp.

A Puttout Pro golf putting mat is the perfect stocking-filler companion, providing a smooth-rolling surface so the Puttout can be used indoors.

So go ahead and give the gift of better putting this Christmas - Puttout really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Price: $49.99


When your dearly beloved has been whinging about three putts all year, what they’ve really been doing is dropping a fairly obvious clue about what they want to see under the Christmas tree this year.

What they’ve been asking for in a not-so-subtle manner is Dave Pelz’s putting tutor, which is the triple-threat of putting training aids.

It improves green reading, helps to start putts on line and aids squaring the putterface at impact – all necessities if you want to make more putts.

Dave Pelz's putting tutor is the cure-all that will bring forth some joyful putting this Christmas.

Price: $74.99


Christmas time can make people pause for reflection as another busy year draws to a close. And if you’ve got a terrible putter in the family, start them reflecting on their putting woes with the Superstroke putting mirror.

A simple but genius invention, the Superstroke putting mirror tells the whole truth and nothing but the truth – it reflects the good, the bad and the ugly of your putting stroke - and that’s what makes it such a powerful training aid.

A picture tells a thousand words and the Superstroke putting mirror produces an accurate depiction of your posture, set-up position, stroke path and angle of the putter face at impact – putting fundamentals which are almost impossible to check on your own without a Superstroke putting mirror.

So pause for reflection... and put it straight on the Christmas list.

Price: $49.99


If the Eyeline Speed Trap ends up in the Christmas stocking, you’re guaranteed to provide a brighter future for an unfortunate golfer this festive season.

With a focus on the start of the takeaway and path into impact, the Eyeline Speed Trap teaches the correct swing path through the foam “speed rods” and the chance at a better golfing life for those less fortunate by helping them hit the ball further, straighter and more consistently.

The Eyeline Speed trap also teaches the correct ball-then turf contact, which is an absolute essential for clean and crisp contact, and can be used for pitches and chip shots too.

Think about helping the less-fortunate golfers out there and give the gift of better golf this Christmas.

Price: $164.99


The time has come to get a grip this Christmas and wrap up a nifty little training aid called the SKLZ Grip Trainer.

The SKLZ Grip Trainer can be slipped over any club in the bag to teach how a correct grip should feel.

And as most golfers know, if you can perfect the grip, you’re well on your way to a much-envied swing and short game.

The SKLZ grip trainer is a great gift for a golfer who's just starting and also for those in need of a regular grip check-up.

Price: $19.99


A carton of golf balls printed with a personalised message will ensure your Christmas gift isn't forgotten in a hurry.

Use your imagination to write a few lines of endearment, a motivational message, or even something as simple as the name of your golfing gift recipient.

Just choose one of the six cartons of printable balls and enter the text to be printed in the 'order comments' box at the checkout stage.

You can have up to three lines of text and a maximum of 13 characters per line but remember to keep your message clean and don't get too mean. It's Christmas after all!

Price: $59.99-$69.99

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