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Callaway Steelhead XR Preview

Posted by Alex Etches on


Release Date: 05/09/2016 




If I was to offer you a set of irons that sound fantastic,  that produce very fast balls speeds and are also extremely forgiving on mis-hits. Would you take them? Of course you would, as this is everything we strive for in our golf game. 

The legend has been reincarnated from the 00's with modern technology in a very classical head design. The use of older models started with last years release of the Callaway Great Big Bertha. This release proved that revisiting previous designs can be very successful in the modern day market. 

The Great Big Bertha didn't really have any visual or technological relations to the Great Big Bertha of the past. This is not the case with the 'New' Steelhead XR Iron. 

A very retro head shape will help put a smile on the face of older generation of golfers. As it will bring back the memories of the previous irons, like it was just yesterday. Even though this still features the best technology from all the most recent innovations. 

There always appears to be something that causes controversy on a fresh release, and this time it is the lofts. Honestly, I do not understand why this has been such a problem, as the Steelheads feature the exact same lofts as the previous XR irons. Yes they are strong, compared to the likes of the better players models but this is not a new development in golf engineering. 

The Steelhead XR 6 iron has a loft of 26 degrees. To put this into context, previous Steelhead (2000 model) owners will hit this 6 iron about the same as their old Steelhead 4 iron: Big gains in distance. 

So let's talk about the more modern jargon. 

The next generation of the 360 Face cup technology makes a return. Providing greater efficiency through energy transfer upon impact. This also helps the forgiveness of the iron, as mis-hits will still travel the distance with a consequently larger sweet-spot.

We all love the sound of a really crisp hit golf shot and sometimes acoustic technology can take that amazing experience away from us. Again, Callaway has identified this and instead, have attempted to enhance that feeling with the Steel-infused polyurethane layer aka. the great sounding thing. It sits below the lower portion of the face to reduce vibrations at impact and increasing launch. 

The Steelhead range has always, and will always be targeted at the High/Mid Handicapper's who require extra distance and ultimate forgiveness. This has been achieved, thanks to the new Hollow Bore-Thru hosel design. This little revelation moves a large amount of club mass from the hosel to other strategic parts of the clubhead. Giving us a lower CG location for greater launch and control throughout the set. 


Check out our GolfBox review on the new irons below and 'Subscribe' for the latest product reviews. 


Release Date: 15/09/2016



Golf Hybrids have always been replacements for irons, but they never actually played like one. Instead, they had more similarities of that of a wood. (low flight and spin). This caused problems that many golfers (including myself) didn't even realise. it has only been in the last few years that manufacturers have started to include an iron-like approach to hybrid development. This included longer, narrower head designs with higher spinning ball flights for more stopping power. I feel that the Steelhead is the pinnacle of this development. 

The Callaway Steelhead Hybrid is another example of classic meeting modern. The compact head design features perimeter weighting and a very low Centre of Gravity that allows the golfer to produce shots out of lies that we did not think was possible. 

The Steelhead is longer and larger than the previous XR rescue and features the award winning Hyper speed face cup technology that creates a 'trampoline-like' effect around the face for improved ball speeds. 

Aerospace experts have shared their wisdom with Callaway to further improve the aerodynamic design. The Speed Step Technology improves the airflow around the club and subsequently reduces drag. A faster clubhead speed is the result of this tactical innovation. 

Every crevice on this club has a story to tell. Not only does it look good it also performs fantastically.  


Q: Who is best suited to the new Steelhead XR Irons?

A: They will undoubtedly appeal to a wide cross section of golfers and because the classic

shaping has been inspired by one of Callaway’s most iconic irons, the X-14, they are sure to

re-kindle many great memories for Callaway advocates who used these best-selling clubs.

Q: Will they play like X-14s?

A: There is so much more to Steelhead XR Irons - materials, design and manufacturing

processes have come a long way since then, and these new Irons outperform X-14 in every

way: They have the fastest face possible, are significantly more forgiving and represent

Callaway relentless improvements to our design science.

Q: What does a ‘fast face’ mean?

A: The Steelhead XR Irons feature next generation 360 Face Cup technology, which takes

COR to the max, from .806 to .825 – the fastest iron face we’ve ever created -

thinner around the edges which helps create more ball speed all over the face.

Q: So they are a ‘distance’ irons?

A: While distance is a key attribute, we also focused on designing a set of irons that offered

a broad spectrum of golfers additional ball control through the set. We achieved this by

designing what we call a Flighted CG, this is effectively a progressive CG height that allows

for better flighting and more control as you run through the set, particularly in the shorter


Q: What is the recipe for more speed?

A: In the Steelhead XR Irons, a steel infused snubber lowers the CG and provides better feel.

What’s more, because of the low CG, golfers who frequently make contact with the golf ball

low on the face will also see more speed without lowering launch angle.

Q: What does S2H2 mean?

A: It stands for Short Straight Hollow Hosel. S2H2 technology in the Steelhead XR Irons

makes the hosel shorter, which is important to lower the center of gravity by dispersing

more weight to the sole and perimeter of golf club. It also aids a higher MOI.

Q: Why do you need a Speed Step on the Steelhead XR Hybrids?

A: This technology on the crown of the hybrid means golfers can dial-in a faster swing speed

(and more distance) just through advances in aerodynamics.

Q: Why is the head of the hybrids slightly larger?

A: The larger head and deeper CG placement means the ball will launch on a higher

trajectory, meaning carry distances is increased. What’s more the longer blade length and

the deeper body offer golfers incredible forgiveness and improved accuracy. The next

generation Hyper Speed Face Cup also enhances ball speed and distance.

If you require anymore information then send me an email to [email protected] or call our Customer Service team 1800 621 211

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