Golf Lessons Perth


The Best Teaching Technology In The World.

The GolfBox Academy offers you the one of the most innovative teaching environments in Perth, making golf lessons more accessible than ever!

Super accurate technology tracks, records, and analyses every aspect, of every swing. Video replays also make it easier than ever to understand and pinpoint the crucial elements of your game. It truly is game-changing technology!

The Best Team Of Coaches

The Australian Coach of the Year, Craig Bishop, heads up the GolfBox Academy. His team of Pros understand what it takes to ensure you learn the most from their experience. With hands-on advice and easy-to-understand tips, the GolfBox Academy equips you with the skills and confidence to play better golf.

The Best Facilities

The GolfBox Academy gives you unrivalled access to our world-leading teaching facilities.

Want to practice your swing at Augusta? No problem. Want to perfect your chipping at St Andrews? We’ll take you there! The Academy’s powerful interactive driving range means you can improve your golf by playing on any course in the world.

The innovative indoor set-up also means every lesson is in absolute comfort – and in complete privacy – year round.

The Best Choice For You

Whether you’re just starting out – or out to improve your handicap – the GolfBox Academy caters to your personal skill level.

Our friendly Pros know exactly what it takes to get you started. They can also work with you to improve on any and all aspects of your game.

Whatever you’re after, the GolfBox Academy is here to help you get more out of golf!

The Best Value

We’ll set you up with your own PGA golf instructor, with full access to our suite of coaching facilities.