Trident Align Full Metal Adjustable Ball Marker

Trident Align

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The Trident Align Ball Marker is the first of its kind. Featuring an adjustable top plate that allows you to aim your putts like never before.

Trident Align Ball Marker

Key Features

  1. Centre Aim Line
    The long vertical line sits perfectly at 90° meaning the ball is not tilted to either side and the aim created by the line on the ball provides you with the true aim for the putt. If the golf ball is slightly tilted or rotated it can make the aim of the line appear different when you stand over the ball in your address position, compared to how it looked from when you stood directly behind the ball looking towards the hole. When you use a line on your golf ball you need to know you can trust its aim, with Trident Align you can.
  2. Square Up Your Face
    When the markings on the Trident alignment guide and the Trident markings on the golf ball forms a perfect square shape it ensures the long centre line is perfectly positioned at 90°. If you haven’t formed the square then the ball is not aimed along the same line as the Trident alignment guide. This is due to the fact that the ball is either tilted or rotated too much to the left or right, make your adjustments until everything lines up perfectly.
  3. Make It Square
    The short horizontal lines of the Trident markings on the back of the golf ball act as a guide for the putter face to ensure it is positioned squarely behind the ball at address. If your putter face is slightly open or closed it is very visible to the eye and gives you instant feedback.
  4. Trident Alignment Finder
    Swivels to the left or right and allows you to vary your aim depending on the amount of break you need to play on any given putt. This moves independently of the black base unit allowing you to find your ideal starting line without the need for the ball to be in position.

What's Included:

  • Trident Align Ball Marker 
  • 25mm Marker Coin 
  • Stencil Tool 
  • Marker Pen 
  • Carrying Pouch
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