Get to know Jamie Martin


They say golf is the game for life and up to this point it’s played a significant role in much of Jamie’s existence.

Before joining GolfBox in late 2022, Jamie was golf writer at The West Australian newspaper where he covered professional tournaments and elite amateur events in Australia for many years.

But his love affair with the game can be traced back to a much earlier time. 

Watching his dad turn into a foul-mouthed, cantankerous maniac when playing golf sparked Jamie’s initial interest and he was soon hooked on the game.

He quickly learned to disregard the well-intentioned, but often flawed, “instruction” his dad would freely offer, and began to eclipse him out on the course.

Said course was a humble nine-hole seaside links - adjacent to the Indian Ocean - where being blown around and buffeted by unrelenting wind was the norm.

Those conditions largely explain Jamie’s comically low-ball flight, but he’s stayed attached to the club in some shape or form because of it.

He’s currently fighting to keep his handicap hovering around the mid-single digits but still enjoys the game immensely.

Having the opportunity to play and write about the greatest game in the world is a privilege Jamie doesn’t take for granted.

And passing on his passion for the game with the same enthusiasm his dad did for him in his formative years is what drives Jamie in his role as GolfBox’s content writer, editor and reviewer.

In his spare time, when he and his wife aren’t consumed by the unremitting needs of their four kids, he can often be seen making practice swings in a mirror.