Arccos Golf Caddie Smart Sensors

Arccos Golf Caddie Smart Sensors

Posted by GolfBox on 12th Mar 2020

Before the virtual Arccos Caddie came along, employing a caddie was primarily the domain of tour pros or a mandatory requirement at elite members’ courses.

By injecting a bit of artificial intelligence into the equation,  Arccos Caddie lets the rest of us experience the assurance that comes from getting expert advice from a qualified caddie.

The new Arccos Caddie app combines the power of GPS statistical data with guidance from an AI-generated caddie.

And in a world-first,  Arccos Caddie conveys real-time rangefinder yardages by taking into account a number of atmospheric and weather conditions. It produces the most accurate distance calculations in golf while also recommending the right club for you to play on every shot and determining the most appropriate strategy on every hole.

With over 40,000 mapped courses worldwide and a massive database of information to call upon, Arccos Caddie is guaranteed to slash strokes off your score.

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Arccos Caddie features a new AI-powered GPS rangefinder that calculates distances in real-time for uber-accurate yardages.

Variables such as wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, altitude and elevation changes (slope) are taken into account to calculate the exact playing yardage - known as the Arccos Caddie number.

The AI Caddie is able to analyse your database of previous shots and average club distances before crunching the numbers to decide club selection and strategy. But it also has access to the Microsoft Azure cloud, where over 200 million shots captured from Arccos users are stored for comparative analysis.

Arccos Caddie can instantly see how other golfers fared when faced with an identical shot and recommend the best strategy and right club for you.

Arccos Caddie offers the sort of trustworthy advice that pros pay a professional caddie handsomely for.

But rather than a caddie taking five per cent of your winnings, you get free access to Arccos Caddie for a year when you purchase the Arccos Caddie smart sensor or smart grip kit. After that, it's auto-renewed at $US99.99 a year.

User benefits:

  • Get AI-powered Caddie Advice for every shot, on every hole
  • Learn precisely which club to use in every situation
  • Know your precise yardage to any point on the course calculated by golf's most powerful and accurate A.I. Powered GPS Rangefinder in the world.
  • Identify your actual strengths and weaknesses

System features:

  • Ultralight, low-profile sensors
  • Battery designed to last 5 years and fully guaranteed for 2 years
  • Power saving mode
  • Enhanced shot-detection algorithm
  • Access to Arccos Caddie app upgrades
  • Permitted Under the Rules of Golf (Decision Number 2017-0754). This means that Arccos Caddie can be used in competitions when rangefinders are allowed. Please note that the app must be toggled to “Tournament Mode,” which turns off the live display of elevation.

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On average, Arccos Caddie helps golfers improve their handicap by 4.2 strokes, chiefly through gaining precise distance averages for every club in the bag and making better decisions on the course.

Whether you're a high, mid or low handicapper, Arccos Caddie will help you improve your score faster and have you playing your best golf possible.

And it's so simple.

After you’ve installed your smart sensors, downloaded the Arccos Caddie app and initiated your Arccos account, it’s automatic – every time you play a shot out on the course, the distance and accuracy of the shot is logged to your database.

Arccos Caddie collates an ultra-accurate overview of your entire game on the app, offering insight into critical stats such as average distance for every club in the bag and miss tendencies.

Your strengths and weaknesses are laid bare so you can focus your practice where it will really count. Then when you hit the course, the Arccos AI Caddie is on hand to give more specific advice about distances, club selection and strategic direction.

(Mike W. Reduced his handicap by 11 shots using Arccos Golf Caddie)

The Arccos Caddie game tracker kit comes in two versions: 

Arccos Smart Sensors

Each set includes 13 screw-in smart sensors and an Arccos putter sensor, and can be easily installed on any set of golf clubs without the need for special tools or processes.

What's in the Box:

  • 13 regular Arccos Caddie sensors + 1 Arccos Caddie Putter sensor
  • Free iOS & Android apps
  • 1-year subscription (included in purchase price)

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Arccos Smart Grips

Each set includes 13 premium grips and an Arccos putter sensor, and come in a choice of two different smart grips:

  1. MCC Plus 4 standard size: a hybrid grip that is thicker for the lower grip hand to encourage lighter grip pressure.
  2. Lamkin Crossline 360 standard: firmer grip with maximum surface traction.

What's in the Box:

  • 13 Arccos Caddie Grips + 1 Arccos Caddie Putter sensor
  • Free iOS & Android apps
  • 1-year subscription (included in purchase price)

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NOTE: All Smart Sensor purchases include a 1-year subscription valued at US$99.99 starting from the date the sensors are activated. After 1-year you will be automatically charged a recurring yearly subscription of US$99.99.