Beginners Guide to Golf: 5 Reasons why you SHOULD play Golf

Beginners Guide to Golf: 5 Reasons why you SHOULD play Golf

Posted by GolfBox on 9th Jul 2018

Need some inspiration or motivation to take up golf? We've got you covered.


Walking 18 holes will result in a trek of around 8-9km on average, and will typically burn between 1300-1500 calories - the equivalent of riding a bike at a moderate pace for over two hours.

And if you’re just taking up the game you’ll probably get even more of a workout, no doubt playing a bit of army golf (left, right, left, right) that adds some extra steps towards the recommended 10,000 a day target.

So contrary to the old saying, golf is not a good walk spoiled; rather a good walk that becomes even more physically beneficial when things turn ugly.

golf fitness


Despite most golfers getting a bit emotional at times out on the course, golf is proven to be extremely beneficial for mental health.

The link between exercise and mental health is well known but research has shown Australian golfers have lower rates of stress, anxiety and depression than non-golfers.

It’s hard not to feel the peace and soak up the serenity when on the course, surrounded by fresh air and nature.

And there aren’t too many times the opportunity arises to stow the phone away for a few hours, leaving you to concentrate solely on your golf game. A clear, focused mind - nothing wrong with that.


Golf lends itself very well to getting to know other people.

There aren’t too many sports where you get to walk side-by-side with your opponent and chat and joke about the AFL (guaranteed), fiscal policies of the Australian Reserve bank (frequently) or quantum mechanics and string theory (you’d be surprised).

Then, as the etiquette of the game dictates, you get to have a drink and catch-up after the golf ends: just remember not to undo the physical gains made out on the course by over-indulging.

It’s about as social as a serious sport can get and while you can always choose who you play with, it’s sometimes good to step out and meet some new faces.

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Booking a tee time is an excellent way to get acquainted with clients or potential clients.

Four-plus hours of unfettered client relationship time, all under the guise of work, will give both parties the clarity of mind that a long, boozy, late afternoon lunch definitely won’t.

Golf will make sealing your next deal a dead cert – but feel the vibe and decide whether you’re going to play for real or deliberately fan the odd two-footer to keep your client happy.


Golf can be immensely rewarding one minute and humbling the next.

It’s only a game but golf is a microcosm of life. Learn to deal with the ups and downs out on the course and it’ll build the character, resilience and stability required out in the real world.

In other words, you’ll learn to take the bad bounces with a level disposition.