Beginners Guide to Golf: Another 5 Reasons why you SHOULD play golf

Posted by GolfBox on 10th Jul 2018

Following on from the first of the series - 5 Reasons why you should play golf, here are another 5 good reasons to keep you out on the course for longer.


Once you take up golf, you are legitimately entitled to don the impeccable taste and coolest styles that, let’s be honest, are only seen in a golfer's wardrobe.

Although most golfers won’t admit it, hitting the course decked out in the latest golf gear is probably what attracted them to the game in the first place.

And where else can you get away with wearing plaid pants? Enough said.

 Guide to Golf - Clothing


Injuries come calling far too often in athletic pursuits, but golf is so gentle on the body that the only pain you're likely to feel is heartbreak when your tap-in putt loops around and stays out of the cup.

Even pros who swing the club at breakneck speeds are relatively injury free, except when they dislocate an ankle after celebrating a hole-in-one – just ask Tony Finau.

And to verify the longevity of a life spent playing golf, no other sport can boast a professional Senior Tour (a.k.a. the top-up tour) for players when they turn 50.

Oh, and did we mention research suggests that golfers live longer? Case closed.

Low impact


Golf is a game for everyone, from complete numpties through to the prodigiously talented; it suits fit young whipper-snappers but is also enjoyed by OWLS (older, wiser, larger, slower).

Most courses have different teeing areas to adjust the length and difficulty of the course to suit different experience and aptitude levels – white for beginners, red for ladies, blue for men and black for extremely competent golfers – to keep golf enjoyable.

And with golf’s unique handicapping system, a 36-handicapper having the game of their life can match up with the world's No.1 ranked player.

Now that’s what you call a level playing field.

enjoy the golf game


When you boom a long, straight drive or sink a long putt that never looked like missing, it’s hard to wipe the smile off your face.

No matter how bad you’re playing, golf has a funny way of getting you to come back for more – that one shot that gives you eternal hope and a glimpse into a brighter future where you can dial up those shots on demand.

Once you try golf, it’ll soon be obvious why golfers keep coming back for more. In fact, golf is the most fun you can have with your tartan pants on.

GolfBox - Golf a fun game


If you want your young'uns to learn what integrity means, take them out for a game of golf.

As both a competitor and umpire, a golfer must always obey the fundamental tenets of the game: count every stroke and adhere to the rules. Not many sports rely on the honesty of participants to ensure a fair fight, but golf places integrity on a pedestal.

A golfer’s integrity is sacrosanct and it’s a tough road to come back from if there are question marks - just ask Masters champion Patrick Reed.

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