Callaway APEX 21 Irons & Hybrids

Callaway APEX 21 Irons & Hybrids

Posted by GolfBox on 26th Jan 2021

Callaway’s legendary APEX range is renowned for merging soft, forged feel with explosive distance, a pairing that delivers superior performance on every shot.only a true players’ package can offer.

The latest APEX 21 irons and hybrids uphold the tradition of excellence and but do so in a most untraditional way: through artificial intelligence.only a true players’ package can offer.

They’re the first forged clubs in golf to feature an AI-designed face and the result is what you’d expect of any club deemed worthy of carrying the APEX name: more distance, forgiveness and feel, all combined with the superb workability that only a true players’ package can offer.


Forged distance irons with a new AI-designed face cup and the unmistakeable APEX feel.


Effortless distance and versatile performance with new Jailbreak Blades and AI face tech.


Callaway welcome three new models to the APEX line-up in 2021 and each one offers its own type of game-changing performance.

They’re the first forged irons designed with artificial intelligence and it must be said they probably won’t be the last. A large spike in ball speed and distance across all three new models - the standard APEX 21, APEX Pro 21 and APEX DCB – make them significantly superior to past APEX irons.

But even more impressive is the APEX forged feel, a constant benchmark in the players’ iron category, has also been enhanced.

The NEW irons are built for consistency, control and creativity and they won’t disappoint.

Ai-Designed Face Cup

Artificial intelligence designed the face cup of APEX irons - the part that flexes and releases at impact. It’s the first application of the technology in a forged APEX iron and each loft has a unique face cup built to optimise speed, spin, descent angle and trajectory.

Tungsten Energy Core

Another first for APEX irons is the use of Callaway’s Tungsten Energy Core, which has been upgraded with a larger amount of the high-mass metal. The Energy Core positions the CG progressively through the set to deliver optimal launch and trajectory, and extra forgiveness.

Forged Feel

Think APEX irons and premium feel is what usually automatically snaps into the synapses. And the tradition continues in the APEX 21 line-up, which employs 1025 steel and Callaway’s urethane microspheres - the vibration-absorbing wonder material - to dispense pure feel.

Standard-setting players-distance irons with a famous forged feel, APEX 21 irons will make every swing count. They’ll suit a wide range of golfers and offer distance without compromise: the AI-designed architecture and Tungsten Energy Core optimise spin, launch trajectory and landing angles through the entire APEX 21 set for premium length and forgiveness. And offering the ability to shape the ball and the legendary APEX feel with, they’ll serve with distinction in any setting.

Callaway APEX Irons - Head
Callaway APEX Irons - Face
Callaway APEX Irons -  Top

They're the ultimate players’ irons for elite ball strikers and they’ve raised the bar for what a pure strike feels and sounds like. APEX Pro 21 irons have been entirely rebuilt from the ground up – they’re forged hollow-bodied irons filled with up to 90g of high mass tungsten that provides speed and forgiveness without reducing workability. More compact than standard APEX 21 irons and with a thinner top line and less offset, they offer authentic shot-making creativity.

Callaway APEX Pro Irons  - Head
Callaway APEX Pro Irons  - Face
Callaway APEX Pro Irons  - Top

If you’ve ever felt underqualified to experience what forged APEX irons have to offer, consider yourself now eligible with the new APEX DCB irons. Created to give more golfers access to the unique APEX experience, APEX DCB irons are the most forgiving APEX iron ever created. A deep cavity back design (DCB) is loaded with a powerful Tungsten Energy Core and both work in unison with a wide sole, which makes launching DCB irons particularly effortless, out of any lie.

Callaway APEX DCB Irons  - Head
Callaway APEX DCB Irons  - Face
Callaway APEX DCB Irons  - Top


Hand: Right/Left
APEX 21 Shaft Options: True Temper Elevate ETS 95g (Steel – r,s), UST Recoil Dart 75 (Graphite l,r,s)
APEX 21 Pro Shaft Options: True Temper Elevate ETC 115g (Steel – r,s,x), Mitsubishi MMT (Graphite, r,s,x)
APEX DCB Shaft Options: True Temper Elevate ETS 85g (Steel – r,s), UST Recoil Dart 65 (Graphite l,r,s)
Grip: Golf Pride Z Grip Soft
APEX 21 Iron Lofts: 3 (19°), 4 (21°), 5 (23.5°), 6 (26.5°), 7 (30.5°), 8 (34.5°), 9 (38.5°), PW (43°), AW (48°)
APEX Pro Iron Lofts: 3 (20.5°), 4 (23°), 5 (26°), 6 (29°), 7 (33°), 8 (37°), 9 (41°), PW (45°), AW (50°)
APEX DCB iron lofts: 4 (20°), 5 (23°), 6 (26°), 7 (30°), 8 (34°), 9 (38°), PW (43°), AW (48°)


When you already make the world’s best, and most popular, hybrids, why try harder? Making the best better is what drives Callaway and it’s a pursuit that makes the new APEX 21 hybrid range longer, straighter and more versatile.

The addition of Jailbreak Blades and the latest Flash Face SS21 in the new APEX hybrids delivers customised performance in both a standard and Pro offering, with an adjustable hosel making them highly versatile.

Jailbreak Velocity Blades

Artificial intelligence redesigned Callaway’s Jailbreak bracing system and it has elevated ball speeds in the APEX 21 hybrid range. Angled ‘blades’ link the crown to the sole, stiffening the body to allow the face cup to flex more and deliver high-velocity ball speeds across the entire face.

Flash Face SS21

The new AI-designed Flash Face SS21 is tailored specifically for every loft, head size and model in the APEX hybrid line-up. Optimising the spin rates and CG for every APEX 21 hybrid results in amazing performance and ball speed out of both the sweet spot and from off-centre strikes.

Forged Face Cup

Made from high-strength forged C300 maraging steel, the face cup employed on APEX 21 hybrids is the perfect foil for the AI-designed Flash Face SS21 and Jailbreak Velocity Blades. The combination maximises ball speed and consistency across all sections of the clubface.

A mid-sized hybrid built for players-type performance and workability, APEX 21 hybrids blend speed with control and versatility via the new Jailbreak Velocity Blades and AI-designed Flash Face SS21. They’ll appeal to a wide range of golfers with their fast ball speeds, exceptional forgiveness and shot-shaping capabilities. They’ll make perfect long iron replacements or accurate fairway-finding clubs off the tee, while a squared off toe boosts their ‘rescue; capabilities from any lie.

Callaway APEX 21 Hybrid - Face
Callaway APEX 21 Hybrid - Face
Callaway APEX 21 Hybrid - Toe
Callaway APEX 21 Hybrid - Crown

A new addition to the APEX line-up, the APEX 21 Pro hybrid’s compact shape, shallow face and cambered sole is designed for elite ball strikers and Tour players. The Pro is focused on control and workability and produces a more penetrating ball flight than the standard APEX 21 hybrid. And it’s designed to deliver speed and distance off the tee through the revolutionary Jailbreak Velocity Blades and more-than-handy AI-designed face, which will tear long par fours and par fives apart.

Callaway APEX 21 Pro Hybrid - Head
Callaway APEX 21 Pro Hybrid - Face
Callaway APEX 21 Pro Hybrid - Toe
Callaway APEX 21 Pro Hybrid - Crown


Hand: Right/Left
Apex 21 Hybrid Shaft: UST Mamiya Recoil Dart 75 (graphite)
Apex 21 Pro Hybrid Shaft: Mitsubishi MMT HYB 70/80 (graphite)
Grip: Golf Pride Z Grip Soft
Apex 21 Hybrid Lofts: 3H (19°), 4H (21°), 5H (24°), 6H (27°)
Apex 21 Pro Hybrid Lofts: 2H (18°), 3H (20°), 4H (23°), 5H (26°)