CALLAWAY APEX ’24 PRO Series - Irons & Utility Wood

CALLAWAY APEX ’24 PRO Series - Irons & Utility Wood

Posted by GolfBox on 8th Sep 2023

It might seem like there are a lot of new sticks coming your way in the 2024 Apex Pro Series line-up, but the expansive update makes complete sense in the grand scheme of things.

Designed for better players, the five-strong Apex offering covers the full bandwidth of tour-level performance — a feat achieved thanks to the input of Callaway’s tour staff.

Three distinct Apex irons, an Apex utility wood and an Apex utility iron are all designed for proficient ball strikers.

But the true strength of the new Apex ’24 line-up lies in its versatility — the entire range can be mixed and matched into a seamless Apex combination set.

If you prioritise tour-level precision, control and feel, the Apex Pro Series range should be on your radar.

Callaway APEX Pro '24 Series - Feature



The new Callaway Apex line-up features three iron sets — the  Apex ProApex MB and Apex CB — and a new Apex UT utility iron and Apex UW utility wood.

Each iron, UT included, has a thinner topline and slightly longer blade length than previous Apex models. 

And they all feature a prominent tungsten weight on the rear, which resembles the weighting set-up of the previous Apex TCB iron.

The mass of the MIMd (metal injection moulding) tungsten weight can be modified by a fitter to finetune swing weight, further expanding the footprint of Apex performance.

In the Callaway family, the 2024 Apex sets a new standard for elite-level performance and versatility.

10 AND 11 IRON?

While the Apex Pro goes with the traditional PW and AW approach, the MB and CB irons have stretched into double digits.

Yes, the 10 and 11 iron makes an appearance!

The MB and CB’s 10 iron equates to a PW (46°), while the 11 iron is an AW (50°).


Callaway APEX Pro '24 - Pro Irons - Profiles

The new Apex '24 Pro is a compact, hollow-bodied iron that combines speed and forgiveness with workability.

And it is also a first for Callaway.

Like previous Apex irons, the Pro features a forged face cup. But it is the first Apex iron to also offer a forged steel 1025 carbon steel body, too.

The double serving of forged goodness creates a super soft feel that, in combination with the vibration-killing urethane microspheres, truly befits a premium player’s iron.

The long irons in the Apex Pro set are fitted with a forged 455 stainless steel face that boosts distance, launch and forgiveness, while the short irons are equipped with a 1025 carbon steel face that offers more precise control.

Another noteworthy addition to the Apex Pro iron is a new Dynamic Sole design.

A pre-worn leading edge is designed to cut through turf more efficiently and maintain speed; a revised chamfer on the trailing edge improves the exit of the clubhead through the turf to promote a cleaner feel and more consistent ball striking. 


Callaway APEX Pro '24 - Pro Irons - Feature


Callaway APEX Pro '24 - MB Irons - Profiles

A modern tour blade, the Apex '24 MB iron is a one-piece forged iron that offers a pure ball striking experience.

Hewn from a single billet of 1025 carbon steel, the MB is made for the best players in the game.

Callaway’s immaculate attention to detail in the Apex MB iron extends to a progressive centre of gravity that optimises trajectory throughout the set.

A lower CG in the long irons generates a higher launch and steeper descent angle, boosting distance through the air and increasing stopping power on the greens.

Meanwhile, a higher CG in the MB’s short irons produces a lower launch, which contributes to greater control and spin.

The MB’s sole design features a dual chamfer on the leading edge that peels off turf with great efficiency while the bevelled trailing edge is designed to minimise contact with the turf through the ball to induce a well-defined feel.


Callaway APEX Pro '24 - MB Irons - Feature


Callaway APEX Pro '24 - CB Irons - Profiles

A classically shaped cavity back iron, the Apex 24' CB combines tour-grade performance with highly effective forgiveness.

Aimed at players who value the Apex aesthetic but wouldn’t mind some extra forgiveness, the CB features a larger head and wider sole compared to the Apex MB and Apex Pro.

The result is an iron that performs brilliantly as a standalone set or when mixed with other Apex ’24 models in a blended set.

The CB also features the same Dynamic Sole Design as the Apex Pro iron and a progressive centre of gravity that enhances ball flight through the set.


Callaway APEX Pro '24 - CB Irons - Feature


Callaway APEX Pro '24 - UT Irons - Profiles

Slightly more compact than its predecessor, the Apex '24 UT iron offers a powerful blend of performance and versatility off the tee.

With a shallower face promoting a higher launch, the Apex UT is both long and workable as a long-iron replacement or driving iron.

Featuring the same pre-worn Dynamic Sole as the Apex Pro iron, the UT is available in three lofts (18°, 20°, 23°) and can be fitted with a steel or graphite shaft.


Callaway APEX Pro '24 - UT Irons - Feature


Callaway APEX Pro '24 - UW - Profiles

Sitting in the gap between a hybrid and a fairway wood, the Apex '24 UW is an attractive option for better players seeking to maximise versatility and playability.

The Apex UT’s compact head shape and length (at 41-41.5 inches, it’s between a fairway wood and hybrid length) inspires a full spectrum of shot-shaping options.

However, the UW is also incredibly long and easy to hit thanks to a couple of innovations: an A.I.-designed Batwing structure and an all-new Cutwave Pro Sole.

Batwing stiffens the body of the club, allowing the Apex UW’s C300 maraging steel face cup to trampoline efficiently and generate fast ball speeds.

Meanwhile, the Cutwave Pro Sole elevates shot-making versatility, its streamlined shaping designed to cut through the turf with great efficiency.

The Apex UW is available in three lofts (17°, 19° and 21°) and features a Mitsubishi Chemical MMT graphite shaft.


Callaway APEX Pro '24 - UW - Feature


  • Australian Release Date: Pro + UT = 08/09/2023 | MB - CB - UT TBC
  • Hand: Right/Left (Pro, UW, UT only)
  • Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold MID 115 (steel – r,s,x); Mitsubishi Chemical MMT (80-r,s 90-x)
  • Grip: Golf Pride Z-Grip 50g (steel), 46g (graphite)
  • Callaway Apex '24 Pro Iron Lofts: 3: 19°, 4: 22°, 5: 25°, 6: 29°, 7: 33°, 8: 37°, 9: 41°, PW: 45°, AW: 50°
  • Callaway Apex '24 MB Iron Lofts: 3: 20.5°, 4: 23°, 5: 26°, 6: 30°, 7: 34°, 8: 38°, 9: 42°, 10: 46°, 11: 50°
  • Callaway Apex '24 CB Iron Lofts: 3: 20.5°, 4: 23°, 5: 26°, 6: 30°, 7: 34°, 8: 38°, 9: 42°, 10: 46°, 11: 50°
  • Callaway Apex '24 UT Iron Lofts: 2: 18°, 3: 20°, 4: 23°
  • Callaway Apex '24 UW Lofts: 17°, 19°, 21°