Callaway Big Bertha REVA For Women Golfers

Callaway Big Bertha REVA For Women Golfers

Posted by GolfBox on 3rd Sep 2020

The Big Bertha REVA line-up is a first for Callaway: truly authentic, female-centric clubs that are dedicated to making golf more accessible for the fastest growing category in the game – women golfers.

The REVA platform will encompass all of Callaway’s women’s product lines and the Big Bertha REVA range of clubs kicks off the new brand.


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  2. REVA Fairway Wood
  3. REVA Hybrid
  4. REVA Irons
  5. REVA Specifications

After Callaway’s extensive research revealed insights into what women golfers want from their equipment, the Big Bertha REVA range meets those specific requirements through a unique design.

Big Bertha REVA clubs contain all the best Callaway technology, such as AI-designed Flash Face and the renowned Jailbreak system, but Callaway made sure that women golfers were at the centre of the design process, with the technology wrapped around their needs.

To be clear, Big Bertha REVA clubs aren’t just adaptations of the new Big Bertha B-21 men’s line-up that are simply designated as the women’s model: lofts, head weights, weight positioning and lie angles were all re-evaluated to make Big Bertha REVA drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons the most playable and easiest to launch clubs in the game.


While there is a wide variation in abilities among women golfers, those who need the most help to launch the ball will appreciate what the new Big Bertha REVA driver brings to the game.

Lofts of 10.5° and 12.5° don’t give much away but it’s what Callaway have been able to leverage out of the head that makes the REVA driver the easiest to launch by a country mile and the straightest, no matter how you swing it.

It’s the Big Bertha REVA driver’s ability to reduce both back-spin and side spin that makes it so effective at creating more distance, particularly from swings that are chronically steep and across the target line.

The driver’s inherent draw bias straightens up ball flights to add extra distance that would otherwise have been absorbed by a side-spinning, distance-sapping slice. And Jailbreak technology and a new Flash Face SS21 are included to boost ball speed out of almost anywhere on the clubface.

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Callaway’s extensive research indicated many women golfers weren’t keen to use fairway woods, with an inability to gain elevation the main difficulty, followed by inconsistent and unreliable contact.

Given those concerns, Callaway have made new Big Bertha REVA fairway woods the most effortless to launch in the game, and with a larger head and shallower face, they are designed to inspire confidence at impact.

Like the REVA driver, the fairway woods will add length your game through the inclusion of an AI-designed Flash Face and Jailbreak technology and will promote a distance-adding draw to your game through increased offset.

With four lofts to choose from and swing weights and shaft lengths optimised for performance, Big Bertha REVA fairway woods will be a reliable and welcome addition to the bag.

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The use of Metal Injection Moulded (MIM) Tungsten has fine tuned the performance of Callaway’s Big Bertha REVA hybrid, with pinpoint weighting enhancing the launch and flight characteristics of the most versatile club in the game.

Jailbreak and Flash Face SS21 tech is a big plus for ball speed and a lightweight carbon fibre crown directs weight low for easy launching. And with the REVA hybrid’s added offset helping to square the face and level out slices, straight distance has never been so easy to achieve.

There are five lofts in the REVA hybrid range and all are tuned to the specific requirements of women golfers.



As oversized irons in both size and shape, Big Bertha REVA irons maintain a strong focus on game improvement.

They have a new AI-designed face cup to increase ball speed and distance while wide soles prevent the leading edge ploughing into the turf before impact.

The irons feature additional loft to generate the higher elevation that most women golfers are seeking, but Callaway also revised the Visible Tungsten Energy Core (VTEC) to boost trajectories and increase carry and distance throughout the set.

Located just below the rear cavity of the irons, the VTEC enhances the centre of gravity to provide optimal launch angles for individual irons. However, to maintain the lighter swing weight favoured by female golfers, Callaway had to use considerably less tungsten in the irons. After some clever engineering, Callaway has managed to make Big Bertha REVA irons both lightweight and high launching, while minimising side spin regardless of how you swing the club.

Callaway’s feel-inducing microspheres are included in the Big Bertha REVA irons to reduce vibration while the irons’ significant offset helps square the clubface at impact to reduce the effects of a swing that comes across-the-target-line.

Designed for straight distance no matter how they’re being delivered at impact, Big Bertha REVA irons will help women golfers reach their full potential out on the course.



  • Available: Pre-Orders August 27, 2020
  • Hand: Right/Left (9W RH only)
  • Shaft: Callaway RCH graphite (40, 50 – drivers and fairway woods, 45 hybrids and irons)
  • Grip: Lamkin ST Soft
  • Big Bertha REVA driver lofts: 10.5°, 12.5°
  • Big Bertha REVA fairway wood lofts: 3W: 16°, 5W: 19°, 7W: 22°, 9W: 25°
  • Big Bertha REVA hybrid lofts: 4H: 24°, 5H: 27°, 6H: 30°, 7H: 33°, 8H: 36°
  • Big Bertha REVA iron lofts: 5: 25°, 6: 28°, 7: 31.5°, 8: 35°, 9: 39°, PW: 44°, AW: 49°, SW: 54°