Callaway Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X Golf Balls

Callaway Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X Golf Balls

Posted by GolfBox on 13th Jul 2020

Callaway faced a dilemma with the new 2020 Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X: how to improve their most loved golf balls without changing the very traits that made them so popular.

Renowned as the complete golf ball that performs throughout the entire bag, the Chrome Soft's low compression, soft feel was the distinguishing feature that had golfers hooked.

The challenge of making the balls longer, faster and better was always going to be fraught with danger - change the feel and spin and it'd be like killing the goose that laid the golden eggs, soft and long ones at that.

Acutely aware of the delicate balancing act, Callaway invested heavily in their manufacturing technology and techniques in order to implement the cutting edge designs that would be able to improve the Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X.

The plan has come together with military precision, with the new Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X balls still exuding the same sweet feel and spin while achieving speed and distance gains that are nothing short of miraculous.

Get ready to thank Callaway when you play your best golf in 2020.

Callaway Chrome Soft

Extra distance through the entire bag delivered via a soft feel, with sublime spin and performance around the green.

Callaway Chrome Soft X

Slightly firmer for faster club head speeds, the X provides workability in addition to ultra-responsive spin.


Callaway suggest the four-layer Chrome Soft is good for an extra five yards with the driver, with the distance gains also trickling through to every iron in the bag.

It contains graphene in its outer core, one of the lightest and strongest materials in the world, and it's the driving force behind minimising spin, maximising ball speed and promoting high launch for big distance gains with the driver.

The new Callaway Chrome Soft is built to perform for slower swing speeds than the Chrome Soft X and retains the same beloved soft feel and greenside spin that makes it a fairway favourite.

Larger Softfast Core

The inner core is 34 per cent larger and interacts with the thinner and firmer graphene-infused outer core. It offers a higher-launching, low-spin flight for longer drives and high spin with the wedges.

High Speed Mantle

A faster and firmer mantle layer increases the energy transfer efficiency at impact resulting in more distance, improved spin consistency and a penetrating ball flight that excels in windy conditions.

Thinner Cover

The new soft and durable urethane cover is 10 per cent thinner and works with the mantle layers to generate spin and feel around the green while reducing spin with the driver and longer irons.

New Aero Design

Optimised for slower head speeds, Chrome Soft dimples have been adjusted on a microscopic level to reduce drag. The balls fly higher and longer for more distance through the entire bag.

Callaway Chrome Soft Ball Specifications


There are several different models of the world-beating Chrome Soft range of balls, with each providing a unique spin on the revolutionary Chrome Soft concept.

The stock white version of the Chrome Soft is the traditional choice of the ball that has revolutionised the golf ball.

The Truvis pattern is designed to maximise focus and visibility and is available in a yellow/black or white/red Chrome Soft colour scheme.

Callaway's Triple Track alignment technology is offered on both white and yellow versions of the new Chrome Soft golf balls.


The slightly higher compression and firmer feel of the Chrome Soft X is designed to meet the needs of better players; the elite amateurs and players with high swing speeds who pay for their balls as well as the ones who don't (Tour pros).

Callaway spent a significant amount of time researching exactly what the Chrome Soft X demographic requires and the feedback resulted in the new 2020 version of the ball diverging significantly from the standard Chrome Soft.

The four-layer Chrome Soft X ball has a number of new designs and unique concepts, with Callaway confident the changes will deliver driver distance increases of as much as seven yards at a 120mph swing speed.

UPDATE:Chrome Soft X have been delayed till Aug/Sep 2020

Larger Solid Core

A new solid one-piece core is made from high molecular weight Neodymium rubber that is highly resilient. It produces absolute raw ball speed with the driver to complement high swing speeds.

Dual Mantle System

A soft inner mantle interacts with a firmer outer mantle to achieve fast ball speeds. The two mantles form a system that encapsulates the core to provide unparalleled ball speed and distance.

Thinner Cover

The soft but durable urethane cover is 22 per cent thinner and maintains low spin off the tee while providing ultra-consistent, workable, mid-level spin for irons, and high spin around the greens.

New Aero Design

The Chrome Soft X has a revised aero package specific to high-swing speeds. It creates a high-flying but penetrating ball flight and encourages the flight shaping that better players require.

Callaway Chrome Soft X Ball Specifications


Multiple versions of the Chrome Soft X have every golfer covered, with Truvis and Triple Track represented.

The standard white Chrome Soft X golf ball that features a firmer feel than the standard Chrome Soft.

Designed to maximise visibility, the yellow/black Truvis pattern enhances visibility on the Chrome Soft X.

Chrome Soft X golf balls get Callaway's Triple Track treatment that encourages perfect alignment.