Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges Review

Posted by GolfBox on 27th Sep 2018

If you’re looking for a wedge that delivers spin of Tour pro proportions, Cleveland might have a little something that will pique your interest.

The new Cleveland RTX4 wedge is the fourth generation of the RTX line-up and is the most Tour-inspired wedge Cleveland have ever released.

While Cleveland’s CBX wedge caters for the average golfer, the Cleveland RTX4 is designed for world-beating pros such as Shane Lowry, Keegan Bradley and Graeme McDowell, and golfers who expect elite performance in their most important scoring clubs.

Cleveland RTX4 Wedges


Rather than a complete redesign, Cleveland opted to go down a more familiar path when designing the RTX4. The considerable knowledge acquired during the design and production of the previous three RTX models was appraised and tweaked, to leverage the gains and improvement that make the RTX4 an absolute pearler of a cast wedge.

Featuring a smaller head, less offset and a straighter leading edge than the previous RTX3 wedge, Cleveland have devoted the most attention to the RTX4’s clubface.

The injection of innovation into the Cleveland RTX4 sees the wedge arrive at the frontier of groove limits and clubface technology, with enhanced Rotex clubface milling improving spin, control and consistency.

The RTX4 has the sharpest grooves of any Cleveland wedge, with a new laser milling process making the grooves more durable.

Cleveland RTX4

Cleveland’s new tooling boosts spin rates by up to 250rpm but, importantly, the sizzling spin helps the Cleveland RTX4 wedge perform better out of the rough and on shorter distances – not just when you stamp on one full-speed from the fairway.

RTX4 wedges also have Cleveland’s Feel Balancing Technology, which sees the hosel shortened and weight redistributed to improve the centre of gravity and optimise spin and launch trajectory.

Cleveland place this redistributed weight in the RTX4’s sweet spot, the position of which will change depending on the loft of the wedge. And with 10 available lofts ranging from 46-64 degrees, it underlines Cleveland’s commitment to make the RTX4 a wedge with Tour level precision.


The Cleveland RTX4 wedge range features four grinds: Full, Mid, Low, and a new grind called XLow.

The XLow grind is designed to thrive under the tightest and firmest of conditions and features the widest sole, and just three degrees of bounce. If you’re a finesse player who hits full-swing flop shots and rarely uses a squared up clubface, the XLow is your go.

Although not in the same extreme low bounce league as the XLow, the Low grind has the classic C-shaped grind pattern, with relief taken out of the heel and toe areas. The Low will suit players who tend to open the face up regularly and operates well in medium to firm conditions and off tight lies.

The Mid grind will appeal to most golfers, with greater bounce on the leading edge that changes mid-sole to a flatter trailing edge. The low bounce on the Mid’s trailing edge enables the leading edge to sit flush with the ground when playing open-faced shots and is at home in medium to soft course conditions.

The Full grind features a uniform bounce and camber across the sole and will suit steeper swing paths. It’s ideal in medium to soft conditions and excels in the bunkers and rough.

There are three finishes to choose from: Tour Satin (a shiny chrome), Black Satin (a stealthy black finish), or the Tour Raw (a goldish-tinge that will turn rusty over time).

Cleveland RTX4 wedges come equipped with a True Temper Tour Issue S400 shaft and a Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip.