Clicgear Model 4 Golf Buggy

Clicgear Model 4 Golf Buggy

Posted by GolfBox on 3rd Jun 2020

The Clicgear Model 4 golf buggy is so effortlessly functional, it will seriously make you question why you would ever need to drive a cart around a golf course.

Yes, carts are quite a lot of fun to steer around 18 holes. And who hasn’t driven one through a bunker ‘unintentionally’ for a bit of 'harmless' fun?

But from the moment you unfold the three-wheeled  Clicgear Model 4 in the car park right up until pack up time when you marvel at its compact size, you’ll realise that the ‘buggy or cart’ argument has been won fairly convincingly.

The Clicgear Model 4’s lightweight and durable aluminium frame is coupled with free-spinning wheels to make striding along the fairways a pleasure, and the buggy will handle rougher terrain with distinction when trips into long grass and through corrugated waste areas can’t be avoided.

But what sets the Clicgear Model 4 apart from the horde of pretenders is the addition of several new features.



The umbrella tube strap is now grippier to ensure your brolly will never fly off on those gusty days and a console locking strap has been added to prevent accidental openings that could dump your detritus all over the car park.

And because Clicgear understand that golf is all about keeping score, a luxurious new silicone scorecard and pencil holder is a welcome addition – the perfect solution to keep a winning scorecard safe.

The Clicgear Model 4 golf buggy now holds your bag tighter and more securely by ditching those old elastic bag straps in favour of silicone ones, which are gentler on bags and feature more adjustment options than a Japanese toilet.

Those silicone straps are attached to a new adjustable upper saddle and a reworked lower saddle that, in combination, improve the clearance from the Model 4’s front wheel so it can carry any type of stand bag without obstruction.

And speaking of the front wheel, Clicgear has simplified the alignment correction system on the Model 4: one turn of the front wheel adjustment knob will soon set your path straight.

The Clicgear Model 4 comes in a kaleidoscope of colour options with the buggy’s tube, wheels and straps all able to be customised to your liking: Black, Silver, White, Army Brown, Army Green, Yellow, Soft Teal, Lime, Soft Pink.

So experience the  Clicgear Model 4 golf buggy and start turning those exhausting 18-hole slogs into pleasurable 18-hole strolls. Even when you're chopping it up really bad.