Cobra King Speedzone Range of Clubs

Cobra King Speedzone Range of Clubs

Posted by GolfBox on 5th Feb 2020

The pursuit of speed and distance in club design is an unrelenting and competitive exercise but Cobra have always had the confidence to innovate and introduce new concepts. Whether it’s creating the first oversized irons, pioneering the ONE Length system or being the first in the business to embed smart sensors in their clubs, Cobra tread a different path. And it’s continued in the new Cobra Speedzone driver, fairway woods, Hybrids and Irons which have been inspired by another sport driven by speed: motor racing.

Cobra Speedzone a formula for success, Cobra have once again rewritten the rules on speed and distance.

On face value, golf and motor sport seem to have about as much in common as a cattle farmer and vegan activist. However, Cobra recognised that speed and precision are central to both sports and many of the core design philosophies used in high-performance racing cars translate favourably into golf club design. Principles often bandied about in Formula 1, such as power-to-weight ratios, strength and stability have influenced the design of the Speedzone range of golf clubs and have led to some innovative new concepts.


Every component form the chassis to the exterior has been reengineered to maximize power output and ball speed.

Woods & Hybrid

Cobra have optmized specific zones to deliver the best combination of power, speed and distance.


The first ever carbon fiber topline in an iron, delivering an ultra low CG for maximum speed & launch.


Step into the SPEEDZONE.

Taking inspiration from the fastest cars in world, Cobra have identified six zones, Power, Strength, Light Weight, Low CG, Aerodynamics and Stability.

Optimizing these six zones has improved performance and created a driver that is engineered to speed past the competition.

POWER ZONE: Infinity Face

The new Infinity Face, the power-plant of the Speedzone driver, boosts ball speed with an expansive CNC-milled design. Sporting what Cobra calls an infinity edge, the milled area is 95 per cent larger than the previous Cobra F9 driver and enables a greater proportion of the face to be at the legal limit of face thickness. And that creates ball speed and power.

The CNC Milled Infinty Face has been expanded by 95% to deliver maximum ball speed.

STRENGTH ZONE: Stronger & Lighter

A stronger, lighter chassis that is shaped like a ‘T’ is the big reveal of the Speedzone driver. It's wrapped with carbon fibre, covering a massive 50 per cent of the driver head and saving 25g of weight. The extra strength and increased rigidity of the head enhances stability, feel and forgiveness when strikes are off-centre - a concept similar to how well a racing car performs over the kerbs.

Titanium Speed Chassis designed to deliver excellent stability and feel.

LIGHT ZONE: Carbon Wrap Crown

A 360 carbon wrap crown covers 50% of the club body, adding stiffness to the chassis while saving 25 grams of discretionary weight that Cobra has moved low and back to the perimeter.

LOW CG ZONE: Improved Weighting

69 grams of mass is positioned as low as possible, creating the most efficient transfer of energy to the ball and speed that you can relish every time you step on the tee.

‚ÄčAERO ZONE: Aerodynamic Shape 

A streamlined shape with milled perimeter leading edges harness airflow with ultimate precision for maximum acceleration and power.


Similar to the wide body car design, weight is positioned low and wide to improve stability so off-centre hits fly longer and straighter.


Every racing driver has their own unique style and Cobra also acknowledge the same applies to golf drivers. That's why there are two Cobra Speedzone drivers: a lower-spinning and adjustable CG version known simply as the Cobra Speedzone driver and the maximum forgiveness model called the Cobra Speedzone Xtreme driver.

The Cobra Speedzone driver is the driver designed for more competent players with high swing speeds and like to shape the ball. It has a smaller head than the Xtreme and features 2g and 14g sole weights that can be swapped between front and rear positions to modify spin and launch characteristics.

The Cobra Speedzone Xtreme driver has a larger head, with more weight directed to the outer edges. It is the more forgiving Speedzone driver, possessing a higher MOI (moment of inertia), but has no ball flight adjustability - a single static 14g sole weight is positioned rearward on the sole for high launch.


  • Cobra's adjustable hosel, which can alter lofts by plus or minus 1.5°
  • Cobra Connect GPS sensor that links to the Arccos stat tracking system.
  • Both drivers are available in either a gloss black/yellow or matt black/white colour scheme.

SPEEDZONE DRIVER: Specifications

Australian Launch Date: January 2020
Hand: Right/Left
Material: Titanium, carbon fibre
Shaft options: UST Helium 4, 5 (regular, senior/ladies)
Tensei AV Blue 65 (regular, stiff)
HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 60 (stiff, extra stiff)
Aldila Rogue Silver 60 (stiff, extra stiff)
Grip: Lamkin Crossline Connect
Cobra Speedzone driver lofts: 9.0°, 10.5°
Cobra Speedzone Xtreme driver lofts: 9.0°, 10.5°, 12.0°


Speedzone fairway woods are built using the same design philosophies as the driver but Cobra have upped the game by producing not one, not two, but THREE different versions.

Each of the three Cobra Speedzone Fairway Woods plays differently, meaning there'll be a model to suit almost every golfer playing the game.


Like the Speedzone drivers, the fairway wood face gets the CNC-milling treatment for precision face thicknesses that are as close to the legal limit as possible. A carbon fibre crown is also aboard and while it isn't quite as generous as the expanse seen on the driver, it shifts weight lower and deeper to optimise the CG. Dual baffler rails on the sole will prove effective through even the toughest lies encountered on the course and they are hollow to allow more flex at impact. They expand the sweet spot from heel to toe by up to 70 per cent which elevates ball speed and optimises launch, particularly as strikes get progressively further from the centre.


CNC milling is up to 5 times more precise than hand polishing, allowing Cobra to repeatedly produce a face that is right up the the legal limit.

FLEX ZONE: Hollow Split Rails

Hollow rails flex more than solid rails, creating a 70% larger hot spot area from heel to toe that promotes higher launch and more ball speed with the aid of a split speed channel.

STABILITY ZONE: Dual Baffler Rails

Baffler rails provide excellent stability and speed through the turg, allowing the club to glide effortlessly out of any lie

LIGHT ZONE: Carbon Fibre Crown

Carbon fiber creates discretionary weight to move the center of gravity lower and deeper.


For those who need high launch, distance, workability, or all of the above, Cobra offers three zones of performance in their Fairway Woods: Standard, Tour and Big Tour models to accomodate all golfers.

The standard fairway wood - called the Cobra Speedzone fairway wood - is designed for high launch and maximum forgiveness. The 12g sole weight is positioned at the rear of the sole to create easy launch, while the face is slightly shallower than the other models in the Speedzone fairway wood range to produce lofty trajectories.

Designed for better players and faster swing speeds, a smaller head increases the workability of the Speedzone Tour fairway wood. The sole weight is located forward to create a low-spin ball flight and a lower, more piercing trajectory favoured by elite ball strikers.

An interesting addition is the Speedzone Big Tour fairway wood, which promises maximum distance with its low-spin/high-launch ball flight. It has a bigger head and lower CG than the Speedzone Tour for a higher launch - which is why it has a slightly stronger loft compared to the standard and Tour models - while the sole weight is shifted forward to create a low-spinning ball flight. The Big Tour is a beast both off the tee or the deck.


  • An adjustable hosel that alters lofts by plus or minus 1.5°
  • Cobra Connect sensor fitted in the end of the grip for statistical tracking via the Arccos app.
  • The Cobra Speedzone fairway wood comes in a choice of gloss black/yellow or matt black/white finish.
  • The Speedzone Tour and Big Tour variants are only available in the gloss black/yellow colour scheme.


Australian Launch Date: January 2020
Hand: Right/Left (Tour fairway RH only)
Material: Steel, carbon fibre
Shaft options: UST Helium 4 (senior/ladies)
Tensei AV Blue 65 (regular, stiff)
Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 70 (stiff, extra stiff)
Grip: Lamkin Crossline Connect
Cobra Speedzone Fairway Wood lofts: 3W: 13.0°, 5W: 17.0°, 7W: 21.0°
Cobra Speedzone Tour fairway wood lofts: 3W: 14.0°, 4W: 17.5°
Cobra Speedzone Big Tour fairway wood lofts: 3W: 13.5°


Blurring the lines between Speedzone fairway wood and Speedzone iron, the Cobra Speedzone hybrid is the best of both disciplines.

Cobra have optimized specific zones of construction from the chassis to the exterior to engineer the highest level of performance in a hybrid.

The new Speedzone Hybrid shares the same dual hollow rail technology as the fairway wood range that allows the clubface to flex, increasing the size of the sweet spot by up to 70 per cent. A 12g sole weight is positioned rearward to create the kind of high-launching trajectories that make soft landings into the greens a welcome reality.

And like the irons, the head shape of the Cobra Speedzone hybrid - which is slightly larger than other hybrids and has a squarer leading edge - maintains a high MOI to deliver the extreme forgiveness that hybrids are renowned for.

Cobra Speedzone Hybrid clubs are also available as a ONE Length hybrid, sporting the same 7-iron length shaft (37.25 inches) in the form of a graphite UST Recoil ESX 480 shaft.

The Cobra Speedzone hybrid is the utilitarian club that will keep you in play but also get you out of trouble when the need arises.

SPEEDZONE HYBRID: Specifications

Australian Launch Date: January 2020
Hand: Right/Left
Material: Steel, carbon fibre
Shaft: UST Recoil ESX 480 (stiff, regular, senior/ladies)
Grip: Lamkin Crossline Connect
Cobra Speedzone hybrid lofts: 2H: 17.0°, 3H: 19.0°, 4H: 21.0°, 5H: 24.0° (3H, 4H, 5H available in ONE Length configuration)


If you feel the need, the need for extra speed, adding some carbon fibre into the equation is an excellent place to start.

Carbon fibre has formed the basis of many of the fastest racing cars on earth; its light weight, high-strength properties are responsible for incredible performance gains that are out of the realm of possibility using other materials. Cobra have been long-time carbon fibre adopters in their drivers and fairway woods but have employed the material for the first time in their new game improvement Speedzone irons. Expect a carbon fibre-infused iron revolution courtesy of Cobra.


Using a carbon fibre top line in Cobra Speedzone irons saves just 3g of weight but taking it from the top line and repositioning it down low in the iron head results in a significant enhancement of the centre of gravity (CG) for increased ball speeds.


The cavity back Speedzone irons have been designed to maximise weight located in the heel and toe of the iron head, improving the stability of the irons. Speedzone irons have an extremely high MOI (moment of inertia, or the resistance to twisting) which makes them very forgiving when strikes are off centre.


A forged E9 face insert is welded to the body of the Speedzone irons and produces electric ball speeds, its ultra-thin construction continuing across nearly the entire heel-to-toe width of the face. A deep undercut also promotes additional flexing of the face to extract more ball speed and higher launch
The Speedzone medallion that sits in the irons' rear cavity enhances impact feel by reducing vibration, particularly in off-centre strikes.


A breakthrough in iron performance is achieved with Cobras first ever carbon fiber topline, delivering an ultra low CG for maximum speed and Launch.

Available in 4-SW, Cobra Speedzone irons feature progressive head shaping and hosel length throughout the set. The long, mid and short irons are designed with unique shaping and groove specifications to optimise spin and launch characteristics but blend seamlessly into one Cobra Speedzone iron set.

Cobra Connect sensors are standard on Speedzone irons and link with the Arccos stat tracking app.

Cobra Speedzone irons are also available in Cobra Tour staffer Bryson Dechambeau's ONE Length configuration that is built around consistency in set-up and a repeatable swing.

Every Speedzone ONE Length iron is fitted with the same length shaft (7-iron = 37.25 inches), however, the concept is taken a step further in the Speedzone ONE Length set: every iron has identical head weights to improve consistency and feel throughout the set.

Cobra Speedzone ONE Length irons are calibrated with unique lie angles and offsets for optimised launch in the long-and-mid irons and wedges.

And on the subject of launch, the long irons in the Cobra Speedzone ONE Length set are fitted with a lighter shaft which makes them far easier to launch, while the ONE Length wedges have a heavier shaft that assists with control and feel for full approach shots and finesse shots around the green.

SPEEDZONE IRONS: Specifications

Australian Launch Date: January 2020
Hand: Right/Left
Material: Steel, carbon fibre
Speedzone Shaft: KBS Tour 90 (steel – stiff, regular), UST Recoil ESX 480 (graphite - stiff, regular, senior/ladies)
Speedzone ONE Length Shaft:
Steel (stiff, regular): 4-6: KBS Tour 80, 7-9: KBS Tour 80, PW-SW: KBS Wedge.
Graphite (stiff, regular, senior/ladies): 4-9: UST Recoil ESX 460, PW-SW: UST Recoil ESX 480
Grip: Lamkin Crossline Connect
Cobra Speedzone iron lofts:
4: 19.0°, 5: 21.0°, 6: 24.0°, 7: 27.5°, 8: 32.0°, 9: 37.0°, PW: 42.5°, GW: 48.0°, SW: 54.0°
Cobra Speedzone ONE Length iron lofts:
4: 19.5°, 5: 22.0°, 6: 24.5°, 7: 27.5°, 8: 32.0°, 9: 37.0°, PW: 42.5°, GW: 48.0°, SW: 54.0°
Cobra Speedzone iron set composition:
4-PW (RH), 5-GW (RH/LH), 5H, 6-GW
Cobra Speedzone ONE Length iron set composition:
5-GW (RH/LH), 5H, 6-GW