Cobra KING Tour Irons with MIM Tech

Cobra KING Tour Irons with MIM Tech

Posted by GolfBox on 23rd Oct 2020

The NEW Cobra KING Tour Irons provide the softest feel and most precise shaping in the game to awaken the shot-making artist in every golfer.

The irons take advantage of Metal Injection Moulding (MIM), a highly-accurate manufacturing technique where finely powdered metal is injected into a mould and heated to over 1300°C.

MIM allows more complex and intricate shapes to be created compared to traditional casting methods and results in a softer and more dynamic feel, with the grain of the metal retaining a more uniform structure. Cobra has used this process previously on its King MIM wedges.

Player’s Irons with Soft Feel

As authentic player’s clubs, Cobra KING Tour MIM irons are made for tour-like performance.

They receive the benefit of tungsten weighting in the toe to focus the centre of gravity right behind the impact zone of the club face, generating impressive distance gains in the new irons.

The tungsten-laden toe also powers the Tour MIM irons’ forgiveness, with off-centre strikes flying further and straighter than previous Cobra Tour iron models.

Cobra KING Tour MIM Irons Profiles

While metal injection moulding provides a fundamentally soft feel, Cobra have taken it to another level with the inclusion of a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) insert on the rear cavity.

Positioned for maximum effectiveness right behind the irons’ sweet spot, the TPU insert reduces unwanted vibration at impact to boost the irons’ level of feel.

It’s been tuned to deliver the kind of precise response that golfers need, and expect, in player’s-calibre irons. 

Cobra Connect

Cobra KING Tour MIM irons are equipped with a Cobra Connect sensor, which is embedded in the butt end of the grip.

It can be linked with a smartphone to provide automatic, hands-free GPS shot tracking through the Arccos Caddie app.

Statistical mapping of club-specific data, such as average distances, dispersion and miss tendencies, provide a comprehensive overview of a player’s strengths and weaknesses.

Cobra Connect makes it simple to identify the areas that need the most attention, so you can lower your scores.

Cobra KING Tour MIM Specs

  • Hand: Right
  • Shaft: KBS S-Taper 120 (Steel, S, R)
  • Cobra King Tour MIM Iron Lofts: 3: 21°, 4: 24°, 5: 27°, 6: 30°, 7: 34°, 8: 38°, 9: 42°, PW: 46°, GW: 50°
  • Cobra King Tour MIM Iron Stock set: 4-PW

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