​Cobra T-Rail Hybrid Irons Review

​Cobra T-Rail Hybrid Irons Review

Posted by GolfBox on 16th Oct 2019

For the distance challenged golfer who is never sure if the ball’s going to spray hard right or loop out wildly to the left, salvation is here.

It’s called the Cobra T-Rail and the premise is simple: clubs that are designed to make golf as easy as it can be. Nothing more, nothing less.

Almost the antithesis of a sleek and sexy muscleback blade, it's fair to say they aren't the most traditional-looking clubs. But Cobra T-Rails are a tribute to function over form.

Best described as irons that are mostly hybrid with a dash of game-improvement distance iron, they are designed to extract every last drop of distance while doing their best to straighten things up when your compass is a little wayward out on the course.

And the T-Rail range also offers regular hybrids, a selection of which are available in both the Cobra T-Rail men's combo set and Cobra T-Rail women's combo set.

Golf just became a whole lot easier.

Cobra T-Rail Hybrid Irons - 4H Face Profiles

The Tech

Offering extreme confidence-boosting forgiveness and distance throughout the entire set, Cobra T-Rails employ a design that maximises ball speed, launch and moment of inertia (MOI, the resistance to twisting).

Deep, oversized heads and a hollow body enable Cobra to locate the centre of gravity (CG) low and deep in each iron, to create the kind of high-launching, low-spin ball flights that produce game-changing distance.

And working in perfect harmony with the Cobra T-Rail irons' low CG body is a next generation, variable-thickness E9 forged face insert constructed from high-strength steel.

The face insert directs more energy to the ball through an efficient transfer between club and ball, to maximise speed and distance. It also has a super-expansive sweet spot that lifts ball speeds across a wide area of the Cobra T-Rails’ face for supreme forgiveness and greater yardages.

Both the irons and hybrids in the Cobra T-Rail range have an ultra-wide blade length that increases stability through impact and significant offset, to straighten up heel and toe strikes so detours into the rough to look for lost balls become less frequent.

Another effective feature on the Cobra T-Rail irons is a uniform sole width - which is extremely wide and forgiving – to establish a consistent feel across the whole set.

And the soles also feature twin baffler rails that help the clubs glide through any lie with minimal resistance. The rails keep clubhead speeds fast for extra distance, even out of the rough.

cobra T-Rail Hybrid Irons Cut OutSpecifications

Cobra T-Rails are fitted with Cobra Ultralite 50 graphite shafts for both men’s and women’s sets with Lamkin REL 360 Midsize grips standard. A Cobra Ultralite 97g steel shaft is a custom option in the men’s set.

The Cobra T-Rail men's combo set is comprised of a 4 hybrid and irons 5 -PW, while the Cobra T-Rail women's combo set including two hybrids (4H & 5H), 6 iron-PW and a bonus SW.

Sets can be customised, with a 6 hybrid also available in both men's and women's Cobra T-Rail sets.

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Cobra T-Rail Hybrid Iron Specifications

Australian Launch Date: November 1st 2019
Hand: Right/Left
Material: Steel
Shaft: Cobra Ultralite 50 (graphite), Cobra Ultralite 97g (steel – custom option only)
Flex: Regular, Stiff, Senior (graphite), Regular, Stiff (steel)
Grip: Lamkin REL 360 Midsize
Design: hollow-body hybrid-iron cross
Combo Set: Men’s: 4H, 5-PW (4 iron, 5H, 6H available in custom set). Women’s: 4H, 5H, 6-PW, SW (6H, GW available in custom set).
Cobra T-Rail Iron lofts: 4: 21°, 5: 24°, 6: 27°, 7: 30°, 8: 34°, 9: 39°, PW: 44°, GW: 50°, SW: 56°
Cobra T-Rail Hybrid lofts: 4H: 21°, 5H: 24°, 6H: 27°