Garmin Approach CT10 Game Tracker

Garmin Approach CT10 Game Tracker

Posted by GolfBox on 18th Jul 2018


Garmin are undisputed heavyhitters in the golf technology area and their impressive range of products packs a serious punch out on the fairways of the world.

Their watches, GPS distance devices and laser rangefinders are renowned for their accuracy, functionality and innovation and all have a common objective: to maximise the enjoyment of the game by helping golfers play to the best of their abilities.

Garmin have upped the ante again with the release of a new game tracking system that leaves no stone unturned in its quest to assist golfers achieve their absolute best. The new Garmin Approach CT10 game tracker delivers a comprehensive analysis of a golfer's on-course performance by recording and evaluating statistics, just like the pros do on the PGA tour.


After 18 holes of golf, you would've paid your green fees, no doubt paid the penalty for taking on an inaccessible pin position and probably paid out your playing partners with a particularly well-timed sledge. But have you actually paid attention to the finer details of your game?

If the answer is no and your game is in a sorry old state, a game tracking system could be the device you are seeking in order to bring your game back to life.

Using the magic of GPS, the Garmin Approach CT10 records every nitty-gritty detail of each shot you hit out on the links to produce a statistical snapshot of your overall game, all without you having to do a thing.


It sounds like it should be more complicated than it is, but all you need to do is screw the lightweight Garmin Approach CT10 GPS sensors into the grip end of each club in the bag, pair them to your compatible Garmin watch, and then create an account on the free Garmin Golf app - that's all there is to it.

Each time you pull a club out of the bag, the sensor records the when, where and how far of every shot when you pull the trigger. And with Garmin's sensitive Auto Shot Detection feature, even putts and chips are automatically identified.

Data from every shot is logged straight to your Garmin account for analysis, with location, distance and the club used all documented.


Everyone loves a good app and the Garmin Golf app is one that will take pride of place on your device. In fact, it's definitely a candidate to appear on your home screen.

The old saying 'knowledge is power' is the driving force behind the newly updated Garmin Golf app. Data from every shot played out on the course is compiled in the app to generate key stats such as average distance and accuracy for every club in the bag - crucial information for precise iron shots and wise decision making - and are displayed as graphical representations that are easy to understand.

The app also features the powerful 'strokes gained' statistic and can recommend which part of your game - driving, approach shots, chipping and putting - you should focus on to improve, all by comparing your stats to other Garmin users.

And to get the competitive juices flowing, users can also play in weekly Garmin Golf app tournaments on over 41,000 courses against other Garmin account holders. Users can also create their own unique tournament and invite friends to participate.


Garmin golf watches are some of the best kit available for accessing accurate distances to any point on a golf course. Not to mention the 'plays like' function that takes into account elevation changes.

Well the good news is that the Garmin Approach CT10 can be paired with several models in the Garmin golf watch range - which is kind of like fitting a second turbo to a Ferrari.

As soon as you pull a club out of the bag, the statistics for the club will appear automatically on your Garmin golf watch. Stats displayed include average length for the club and its accuracy in finding the fairway or green.


The Garmin Approach CT10 tracking system can be purchased as a full set, containing 14 sensors to fit to every club in the bag, or the Garmin CT10 starter pack, which has only three sensors.

The starter pack's three sensors are recommended to be used on the putter and wedges when synced with a compatible Garmin watch. The watch is able to track all the other shots through its Autoshot feature.

With an automatic on/off switch, the batteries in Garmin Approach CT10 sensors can last for up to four years and can be replaced easily by the user.

If you want the edge next time you tee it up, order your Garmin Approach CT10 from GolfBox and watch your scores tumble.