15 Best Golf Gifts - Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Golfers

15 Best Golf Gifts - Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Golfers

Posted by GolfBox on 29th Nov 2023

GolfBox knows that Christmas in 2023 is going to be celebrated like no other, which is why our Christmas compilation of the best golf equipment and golf-related accessories is particularly impressive this year.

Whether you’re seeking a stocking filler gift under $50, a secret Santa gift under $100 or a golf gift for him or her, the GolfBox Christmas gift guide will have something for everyone.

Get ready to tee off and find the perfect gift with these ideas!!


If you’ve been told to “keep a lid on it” with your Christmas gift giving this festive season, GolfBox’s assortment of novelty headcovers will do exactly that.

Giving a novelty headcover to a loved one this Christmas will no doubt be appreciated on two fronts. Firstly, they’ll do an admirable job protecting clubs and putters from scratches and dents. And secondly, their eye-catching appearance will attract attention from interested onlookers, meaning there will be no more awkward silences when playing a round with strangers.

Choose from the range of cuddly animal-inspired Daphne headcovers or some quirky ones that have to be seen - words simply cannot do them justice.



Practising with the complete PuttOUT system will soon have a dodgy putter walking them in like Kevin Na this Christmas.

The PuttOUT putting trainer hones accuracy as well as distance control, with the curved ramp returning the ball the distance it would’ve finished behind the hole if a putt missed. And for hours and hours of fun, a pop-out micro target is the ultimate challenge: only a putt with perfect pace and accuracy will come to rest in the small indentation halfway up the curved ramp.

The PuttOUT Pro golf putting mat is the perfect stocking-filler companion, providing a smooth-rolling surface so the PuttOUT can be used indoors. It is available in white, blue, orange, green or the more Christmassy red.

Then there’s the PuttOUT Compact Mirror which aids shoulder and eye alignment and helps you get the best from your putting stroke. So, go ahead and give the gift of better putting this Christmas – the PuttOUT range really is the gift that keeps on giving.

$39.99 - $369.99


Christmas time is all about family and loved ones, but the ironic thing as a golfer is that those same people often severely hamper your chances of hitting the course to practise.

To solve the problem this Christmas, you need to bring the course to your place via a home practice facility.

Choose from hitting nets and mats to iron out your full swing in the backyard, chipping nets to hone your short game touch or indoor putting mats to get your flat stick red hot.

While home practice equipment won’t help you escape the inevitable yard work or jobs' list that comes with being at home, at least you’ll be able to work on your game WHILE spending time with your family and friends.

$17.99 - $469.99


Becoming the recipient of a GPS unit on Christmas morning will have your golfing loved one decking the halls and jingling all the way to better golf in 2022.

Precise GPS-calculated distances from the leading brands like Garmin and Bushnell will make bad judgment on the golf course a thing of the past, with lightweight and user-friendly GPS Units and Watches like the Bushnell ION ELITE Golf that help simplifying the distance gauging process.

Knowing how far it is to the pin is truly a golfer’s Christmas wish come true.

$249.99 - $1,199.99


Searching for a gift idea that is thoughtful, functional and fun, with a side serving of just enough frivolity thrown in?

A sleeve or two of Volvik novelty golf balls may be the answer this Christmas.

Choose superhero-themed balls featuring The Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Panther and Captain America.

Or if the vibe is less Marvel and more Mickey Mouse, there is also a range of Disney-themed Volvik balls to top up a stocking with considerable panache.

$49.99 - $79.99


If you're buying for a golf-mad mum, sister, aunty, wife or even fiance, the Navika range of golf products is exactly what you've been searching for. The Navika products on offer at GolfBox bring a bit of bling and a sense of fun to the occasionally stuffy game of golf.

Navika’s assortment of crystal-encrusted ball markers will sparkle on the greens and can be paired with a magnetic necklace, on which the ball marker can be kept and flaunted from when it's waiting to be used. The Navika golf ball range is the most eye-catching in golf, with bold colours and polka dot patterns. In fact they're so unique, you’ll never have to check which ball is yours again.

Other products in the Navika range include beaded stroke counters, golf towels, divot repair tools and hat clips, all of which bring a little bit of glitz and glamour to the golf course. Just a reminder if you weren't already sold; there's nothing like giving the gift of bling this Christmas.

$11.99 - $49.99


The GloveIt range could well be the perfect fit for the female golfer in your life this Christmas.

As the name suggests, Glove It has a selection of golf gloves that are the polar opposite in appearance to the everyday generic brand-name varieties.

The womens Glove It range also has visors, towels and bags that share the same stylish artistic vision.

For a the perfect Christmas gift for her, try something from the Glove It range at GolfBox.

$19.99 - $39.99


Golf can be a hard game when your swing is performing like Meatloaf on AFL grand final day, but there’s an easy way to improve.

Choosing something from GolfBox’s selection of the game’s most innovative training aids, such as The Hanger, literally gives the gift of a better golf swing this Christmas.

And with most training aids suited to home practice, be prepared for a frenzy of backyard or indoors training come Boxing Day.

$9.99 - $469.99


Lugging around a golf bag slowly but surely takes its toll on the ol’ back and shoulders during a round. And if knees are of a creaky disposition, just walking the 18 holes becomes a bit of a mission.

Sore and stiff is never an enjoyable way to play golf.

But… there is a perfect present to ease the burden on your gift-recipient golfer: give them a brand-spankin’ new golf buggy this Christmas!

Whether it’s a lightweight push cart or a remote-controlled electric model, a buggy is an absolute no-brainer to achieve festive bliss.

Peruse the brilliant Motocaddy buggy range for some serious gift-giving inspiration, with the smooth-rolling electric range providing some stress-free silver service out on the fairways.

$99.99 - $2,399.99


When a laser rangefinder arrives on Christmas morning, pin-hunting season can be officially declared open in the New Year.

Laser rangefinders offer fast and accurate distance calculations to the flag and are an essential piece of kit. GolfBox offers a full range of brands including Sureshot, Callaway, Bushnell, Voice Caddy and Shot Scope.

The days of pacing out distances are long gone as units such as the Shot Scope Pro LX 23 laser rangefinder feature 7x eyepiece magnification and can lock on to a pin up to 300m away.

And with slope mode, a feature that calculates elevation changes and produces a ‘plays-like’ distance, muddled up distances will be banished forever.

A rangefinder is like having a Tour caddy doing the yardages, just without the body odour and underhanded digs about your golfing ability.

$199.99 - $1,049.99


A pack of golf tees is an absolute ripper of a stocking filler gift at Christmas, especially if they’re of the Tour Tee variety.

Tour Tees are made from recycled plastic and a five pack for Christmas could possibly last an entire year because:

a) a unique barbed point design stops them flying away and b) they’re practically unbreakable.

But it gets even better: Tour Tees also reduce spin with a low-friction design that can add up to 12 yards to a drive – Yes, that’s free distance!

$9.99 - $39.99


What’s better than getting a portable launch monitor this Christmas? The short answer is probably nothing, so rejoice because the search for the perfect golfing gift is over.

Launch monitors track all the vital signs of a golf swing and provide instantaneous feedback on carry distance, swing speed, ball speed, smash factor and loft angle - to name just a few invaluable indicators.

Units such as the Rapsodo Launch Monitor are a complete cinch to set up and link to a phone, relaying the data via the Rapsodo app while offering some sweet real-time shot tracing.

It’s a Christmas golf gift that will once and for all remove the guesswork out of the golf swing.

$499.99 - $3,799.99


A good grip is fundamental to playing decent golf, which is why a phone holder is an all-time Christmas gift winner.

No more searching through your pockets or golf bag for your phone or GPS unit, our range of phone holders attach to the frame of your golf buggy, allowing quick access to all the vital information stored on your phone.

Phone holders also eliminate the possibility of dropping your device out on the course - no more retracing every step to search for a lost smart phone.

We might be a little one-eyed but the Cyclops phone holder is going to be hard to top as a stocking filler this year.

$34.99 - $69.99


If tidying up your game and brushing up on the fundamentals is the aim in 2023, then a club cleaner is the perfect Christmas gift to kickstart the New Year.

Keeping grooves clean and clubs spotless after hacking it out of the most dire organic material imaginable throughout an 18 hole round is a breeze with GolfBox’s range of cleaning implements.

There’s a brush kit for every conceivable purpose, towels for a quick wipe down and a range of groove sharpeners that’ll guarantee maximum jazz off the face.

As they say, cleanliness is next to OMG-liness.

$12.99 - $49.99


If you’re still unsure which gift will leave your golfing recipient buzzing on Christmas morning, then you can always play it safe and give them a GolfBox eGift Card.

The eGift Card will be sent via email to you or directly to the intended recipient, if you prefer. They can then choose exactly what their heart desires from our huge range of golfing goodies.

$50 - $500