MGI Zip Navigator Motorised Golf Buggy

MGI Zip Navigator Motorised Golf Buggy

Posted by GolfBox on 23rd Dec 2019

Ever had that round where you shoot the lights out early only to collapse like Jean Van De Velde in the final few holes?

Late-round brain fades, sloppy swings, missing those unmissable putts – it’s not ideal running out of gas late and ruining a good round.

Conserving energy and strength can help you avoid the late round stumbles, which is why MGI Zip Navigator motorised buggies are so popular among those golfers who always seem to be finishing in the money.


The three-wheeled MGI Zip Navigator is controlled via a handheld remote that can move the buggy left, right, forwards and backwards.

It also controls the speed so you can either stroll the fairways alongside your MGI Zip Navigator or send it quickly ahead to your next shot, with the patented Gyroscope Straight Tracker technology keeping it rolling on a straight path.

Twin electric motors power the MGI Zip Navigator uphill while an automatic control system takes over to restrain the speed going downhill. The buggy’s 24V lithium 380Wh battery stores enough charge for 36 holes and is simply clicked into place - no wiring looms in sight.

An uncomplicated, lightweight design makes unfolding the buggy a breeze, which also packs up into a compact, space-saving size that is 25 per cent smaller than other buggies.

Switching to an MGI Zip Navigator will soon have you finishing your round fresh and flourishing all the way down the final furlong.

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Whether it's hilly, sandy, boggy, bumpy or just plain dirty, the  MGI Zip Navigator All Terrain motorised golf buggy handles the worst course conditions with ease.

Featuring a sturdier, more robust design, the All Terrain model is a four-wheeled beast that is operated by a multi-directional remote control and features MGI's patented Gyroscope Straight Tracker system to keep it tracking as straight as the Nullarbor Highway.

Two individual front wheels, featuring a suspension system, swivel independently to breeze over bumps and ride the roughest of terrain.

Dual electric motors, calibrated for efficiency, spin the chunky rear treads which offer Dakar Rally-like grip and drive levels.

An automatic downhill speed control stops the buggy taking off down slopes and the 24V lithium 380Wh battery will last for two rounds per charge.

The Zip fold system saves space when the All Terrain is stored and also makes it easy to set the buggy up in the car park before a game.

Built for Australian courses, the MGI Zip Navigator All Terrain buggy does all the hard work so you can be at your best over the ball.

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There are a heap of handy extras and add-ons that can customise your  MGI Zip Navigator buggy to your requirements.

Accessories include holders of the scorecard, umbrella and drink bottle variety as well as seats, rain covers, sand bottles and wheel covers to name a few.

Each accessory attaches to the buggies seamlessly and is sold separately.

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