Miura Irons and Wedges

Miura Irons and Wedges

Posted by GolfBox on 2nd Nov 2020

With a lifetime of forging expertise and painstaking attention to detail, Katsuhiro Miura is the humble hero behind the golf clubs that bear his name.

His Miura irons and wedges are regarded as among the best in the game, a reputation hard earned after more than 40 years of producing the world’s best irons for the world’s best golfers.

Miura irons and wedges are still handcrafted in the family-run factory in Himeji, an area of Japan that was once famous for making samurai swords, drawing a convenient parallel with Miura’s current production of similarly precise forged blades.

A heritage of artisanal craftsmanship runs through the bloodlines of every Miura iron, which are forged to exacting specifications and refined into renowned elegance by Katsuhiro himself, who still works on the factory floor along with his sons, Shinei and Yoshitaka.

It's a hands-on approach that has served Miura well, with a member of the family personally overseeing the final grinding, polishing and buffing of each iron head before it earns the right to be stamped with the Miura name.

It's an unyielding commitment to integrity that produces the legendary pure Miura feel and performance, which has long been appreciated by the best players in the game.

Japanese Precision

For over 40 years Miura have been forging irons that redefine the meaning of precision club making.

Crafted more like a work of art than a mere golf club, the irons are a flawless expression of Miura’s quest to build the best irons in the game and are designed to function seamlessly within a complete set.

The Miura construction process is all about consistency, reliability and accuracy, with a tolerance of just half a gram in each iron the benchmark.

In such a multifaceted and at times complex construction process, it’s a remarkably fine line.

However, it’s a measure of just how seriously Miura regard their craft, and by association how much value they place on getting it right so you can do the same when the finished product is in your hands.

Miura’s Mastery

Miura perfected a unique three-step forging process that enhances the natural grain of the premium S20C carbon steel that Miura irons are hewn from.

The steel is heated to 1200˚C before being struck twice to produce the raw shape of a Miura iron head.
However, it’s the additional third strike that sets Miura irons apart; it further removes impurities from the steel while ensuring the grain of the steel is the tightest of any manufacturer, giving Miura irons their pure feel at impact.

Once the forging process has been completed a rigorous grinding process removes any imperfections and shapes the top line, leading edge and toe profile. The heads are also checked for balance according to loft, lie and offset specifications, with alterations being made by hand by Miura’s skilled craftsmen.

Five separate polishing phases then smooth and buff the irons before the finishing touches are applied and the irons are given final approval by the Miura family.

Traditional muscleback shaping for enhanced feel, performance and workability.

Classic players’ cavity back irons that feature an additional level of forgiveness.

Sublime forged wedges available in a variety of grinds and loft/bounce configurations.


Engineered for soft and precise feel, Miura blades reflect traditional shapes but have been refined for next-level performance.

The most responsive irons in the game, the blade line-up is the embodiment of Miura’s precision forging process that provides soft feel, control and workability.

Each blade is individually made using Miura’s patented forging process.

Classic blades made for purists, MB101 irons embody the Miura philosophy in both performance and appearance.
With sharp lines, a compact head size and a minimalist shape, MB101 irons are built for comprehensive workability and offer a purity of feel that is unsurpassed in golf.

MB101 irons feature no offset, a straight leading edge and thin top line but the soles have been widened slightly to encourage improved turf interaction.

The most traditional of irons in the Miura line-up, MB101 irons will resonate with players who demand perfection and importantly, can find the sweet spot.

While they are more diminutive than their Miura iron siblings, Miura Baby Blades provide the kind of full-bodied performance that elite ball strikers desire.

Fifteen per cent smaller than MB101 blades but identical in mass, Baby Blades pack quite a punch, with more mass directed behind the ball at impact for exquisite performance out of the sweet spot.

With subtle relief taken out of the heel and toe and an ultra-thin sole, the smaller head is designed to make the clubface easier to manoeuvre and square up at impact.

Epitomising Miura’s pursuit of perfection, Miura Baby Blades are finished in immaculate satin chrome.

As Tour-quality blades designed for left-handers, Miura TB901 irons are perfectly balanced and primed to perform for those players who stand on the other side of the ball.

Sporting a compact profile that closely adheres to Miura’s ethos of elegance, Miura TB901 irons have a thin top line and minimal offset to enhance workability and provide precise feedback and feel.

The irons also feature graduated heel-to-toe weighting through the set to help players square the clubface at impact and a narrow sole allows TB901 blades to glide through the turf with impressive efficiency.

Finished in satin chrome, Miura TB901 irons quite rightly sit atop the leaderboard of left-handed blades.


Hand: Right (MB101, Baby Blades), Left (TB901)
Shaft: Dynamic Gold Tour Issue (S,X)
Grip: Miura Golf embossed Lamkin UTx
Miura MB-101 Iron Lofts: 3: 21°, 4: 24°, 5: 27°, 6: 30°, 7: 34°, 8: 38°, 9: 42°, PW: 47°
Miura Baby Blade Iron Lofts: 3: 21°, 4: 24°, 5: 27°, 6: 30°, 7: 34°, 8: 38°, 9: 42°, PW: 47°
Miura LH TB-901 Iron Lofts: 3: 21°, 4: 24°, 5: 27°, 6: 30°, 7: 34°, 8: 38°, 9: 42°, PW: 47°


It’s hard not to appreciate how Miura have been able to engineer forgiveness and stability into their cavity irons while still offering the most pure and unadulterated feel and feedback in the game.

The Miura cavity iron range offers something for everyone, whether you’re playing inside the ropes on Tour or counting up your handicap strokes before teeing off at the local.

The most pure and unadulterated feel and feedback in the game.

A meticulously-crafted blend of blade and cavity iron, Miura merge two key design concepts seamlessly in the MC501 iron range.

Offering the workability and control of a blade with the forgiveness of a cavity-back iron, Miura have squeezed the best of both worlds into a package that performs as impressively as it looks.

The blade-like razor-thin top line doesn’t give much away at address, with the slight cavity sculpted into the irons’ rear not visible, but precise feel is immediately apparent at impact, as is a level of forgiveness for off-centre strikes.

A slightly wider sole and the introduction of offset help launch the ball high but MC501 irons veer sharply towards the players’ iron spectrum rather than the game-improvement cavity iron category.

Featuring a cavity back design, TC201 irons offer increased stability and forgiveness in a uniquely Miura fashion.
The design shifts weight towards the heel and toe areas to increase MOI but Miura TC201 irons remain highly workable to retain their Tour-grade credentials.

Subtle adjustments to the sole weighting in each iron shifts the CG through the set, with longer irons launching higher with less spin and shorter irons promoting a lower flight and increased control.

In keeping with the characteristics of a genuine Tour-grade iron, TC201 irons have no offset and a thin top line and are also engineered to complement the MB101 iron range.

With the inimitable Miura forged feel and traditional styling, CB301 irons are unlike any other iron designed for distance.

The irons are the longest and most forgiving in the Miura line-up but not at the expense of looks, with the irons’ premium appearance a more than welcome contradiction to their game improvement characteristics.

The mid-sized rear cavity and longer blade length increases the irons’ stability while the sweet spot is also expanded to improve forgiveness for off-centre strikes.

Finished in satin chrome, Miura CB301 irons also feature offset to help square the face at impact and are designed for players of all handicap levels.

CB801 irons offer the famed Miura soft feel, feedback and playability to left-handed golfers searching for a tour-quality iron.

Similar in style and performance to Miura CB301 irons, left-handers will appreciate the level of forgiveness afforded to them through the small cavity on the rear of the irons.

With a compact head offering workability, CB801 irons exude Miura’s refined craftsmanship, exemplified through a gently arcing defining line that places mass where it’s needed most throughout the set.


Hand: Right (MC501, TC201, CB301) Left (CB801)
Shaft: KBS Tour (R,S,X)
Grip: Miura Golf embossed Lamkin UTx
Miura MC-501 Iron Lofts: 3: 22°, 4: 24°, 5: 27°, 6: 30°, 7: 34°, 8: 38°, 9: 42°, PW: 46°
Miura TC-201 Iron Lofts: 3: 21°, 4: 23°, 5: 26°, 6: 29°, 7: 33°, 8: 37°, 9: 41°, PW: 46°
Miura CB-301 Iron Lofts: 4: 22°, 5: 25°, 6: 28°, 7: 32°, 8: 36°, 9: 40°, PW: 44°, GW: 48°
Miura CB-801 Iron Lofts: 3: 21°, 4: 24°, 5: 27°, 6: 30°, 7: 34°, 8: 38°, 9: 42°, PW: 47°


The Miura forged wedge line-up combines traditionally shaped heads with a number of unique grind patterns, with each wedge possessing the famed soft feel that only Miura can create.

All Miura wedges feature milled grooves on the face for optimised spin and control from the fairway or around the green.

Miura K Grind 2.0 wedges feature three distinctive fluted channels on the trailing edge of the sole that make them ultra-stable wedges.

Available in five loft and bounce combinations, K Grind 2.0 wedges perform well from bad lies and slide through bunkers with minimal resistance for impressive performance from the sand.

Offering premium feel for Tour-level precision and control, Miura Tour Grind wedges deliver impressive performance on both high-spinning full wedges and finesse shots around the green.

With seven loft and bounce configurations to choose from, Tour Grind wedges are versatile performers from almost any lie and with any attack angle.

Featuring a wider cambered sole and extra heel and toe relief, the Tour Grind High Bounce (HB) is the most versatile and forgiving in the Miura wedge line-up.

It will suit a steep angle of attack and perform well out of tight lies and is available in seven loft/bounce combinations.

A traditional wedge shape that leads to consistently crisp contact, Miura’s LH left-handed wedges offer precise control and the unmistakable soft Miura feel.

Available in three configurations, LH wedges provide left-handers with the trademark pure feel that only Miura can create.


Hand: Right (K Grind 2.0, Tour Grind, Tour Grind High Bounce), Left (LH Wedges)
Shaft: KBS High Rev 2.0 (R,S,X)
Grip: Miura Golf embossed Lamkin UTx
Miura K Grind 2.0 Wedge Loft/Bounce: 52°/10°, 54°/12°, 56°/14°, 58°/10°, 60°/12°
Miura Tour Grind Wedge Loft/Bounce: 48°/7°, 50°/7°, 52°/10°, 54°/10°, 56°/12°, 58°/10°, 60°/10°
Miura Tour Grind High Bounce Wedge Loft/Bounce: 50°/8°, 52°/10°, 54°/12°, 56°/14°, 58°/12°, 60°/12°, 62°/14°
Miura LH Wedge Loft/Bounce: 52°/6°, 56°/10°, 60°/9°