Miura PI 401 Irons

Miura PI 401 Irons

Posted by GolfBox on 17th Feb 2021

While Miura’s blade irons are peerless in terms of delivering performance for elite ball strikers, most golfers are light years away from ever becoming an elite ball striker.

Everyone creams one out of the sweet spot occasionally but it’s a hit-and-miss proposition at best for the less skilled (OK, more miss than hit), a fact that disqualifies most players from ever experiencing the joy of playing a Miura blade iron.

To rectify what can only be described as a severe injustice to golfers, Miura have created a new cavity back iron that bridges the gap between skill levels – an all-rounder iron that will allow more players the opportunity to appreciate the Miura iron experience.

It’s called the Miura PI-401 iron, feel and performance that is unparalleled in golf will become more accessible than ever before.

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Miura is renowned throughout the world for employing a unique three-step forging method, which is largely responsible for creating the inimitable Miura iron feel.

It’s a process that has been refined for over 40 years at the Miura factory in Himeji, Japan, and the man who started it all, Katsuhiro Miura, is still very much part of the action - along with his sons Shinei and Yoshitaka.

When Miura decide to introduce a new iron line to their formidable range, nothing less than perfection will do.

In the case of the smart new Miura PI-401 iron, Shinei Miura took responsibility for creating an iron that possessed the much-envied Miura feel but offered it in a more accessible package.

Increasing ball speed and forgiveness was the name of the game for the PI-401 iron, with the goal of allowing players across a broad range of skill levels to extract the most out of their games.

It needed to be perfect and without compromise, and Miura have pulled it off like only Miura can.

Miura PI 401 Irons Head Profiles


The PI-401 design philosophy embraced cutting-edge iron technology, but it didn’t interfere with what Miura irons are known for – the purest feel in the game.

A cavity back design crafted from soft 8620 steel distributes weight around the perimeter of the club head, maximising forgiveness and making the PI-401 iron highly stable.

And the face, which is constructed from premium S35C soft carbon steel, is highly flexible at only 3.6mm thick, which generates hot ball speeds and significant distance gains.

The cavity back and face pairing work in conjunction to expand the sweet spot of the new iron, which delivers performance and consistency for players whose strike patterns are sprayed all over the face – the target audience for the Miura PI-401 iron.

Much attention was given to the design of the sole, which features four distinct grinds.

The sculpting of the leading edge enables PI-401 irons to slide through the turf with minimal resistance while offering shaping and flighting capabilities from a variety of lies and turf conditions.

Finished in a flawless satin chrome, Miura’s attention to detail extends to the PI-401 set’s progressive head shaping, which features a smooth transition in blade length from long irons through to wedges.



  • Hand: RH
  • Shaft: Nippon N.S. Pro 95GH Neo (R, S, X)
  • Grip: Miura Golf Embossed Lamkin UTX
  • Miura PI-401 Iron Lofts: 4: 21°, 5: 24°, 6: 27°, 7: 30°, 8: 34°, 9: 39°, PW: 44°, GW: 48°