MIZUNO JPX 921 Irons (NEW 2020)

MIZUNO JPX 921 Irons (NEW 2020)

Posted by GolfBox on 1st Sep 2020

Mizuno’s JPX iron range has received its fair share of love from Mizuno devotees in recent years, with the JPX900 and 919 iron range well represented at both tour and club level.

That love and appreciation looks set to grow with the release of the new Mizuno JPX921 iron range, which offers four different models aimed at almost every skill level.

Featuring Tour, Forged, Hot Metal and Hot Metal Pro models, JPX921 irons possess the peerless Mizuno feel and control that is imbued through the Japanese clubmaker’s expert forging and precision craftsmanship. And all models are able to be mixed and matched into a combo set of Mizuno JPX921 irons.

If you’ve never experienced Mizuno irons, the new JPX921 iron range might just make you a convert for life.


With a compact head profile and thin top line, the new JPX921 Tour irons have been engineered for tour-level performance and they don’t shy away from their calling as true players’ irons.

Made for better players who require precision distance control and the ability to manipulate trajectories and shape the ball, Mizuno have managed to enhance the Mizuno JPX921 Tour iron by increasing forgiveness without impacting playability.

MIZUNO JPX 921 Irons - Tour

A new ‘stability frame’ design spreads weight to the perimeter of the head more effectively, providing a softer feel and superior feedback while also boosting MOI, a measure of forgiveness.

The JPX921 Tour is forged from a single piece of 1025E mild carbon steel using Mizuno’s patented grain flow forging technique, which improves feel by preserving the grain of the steel during the forging process.

And Mizuno have also updated the JPX aesthetics, with a more durable brushed pearl finish reducing the glare emanating from the sleek lines of JPX921 Tour irons.

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JPX921 Forged irons are Mizuno’s combo deal of playability and forgiveness, attributes which make them the most versatile in the JPX iron line-up.

While the previous JPX919 model was constructed from 1025E carbon steel infused with a smattering of boron, the new JPX921 iron is forged entirely from a single block of high-strength 4120 Chromoly steel.

Chromoly, a steel alloy containing chromium and molybdenum, is stronger and more rigid than carbon steel. The new material, which was subjected to Mizuno’s feel-inducing grain flow forging process, opened up a range of design initiatives for the JPX921 Forged irons that resulted in significant speed and distance gains.

MIZUNO JPX 921 Irons - Forged

The face is thinner and more flexible to boost ball speed and improve impact feel off the face while a wider milling area on the rear also promotes higher COR (coefficient of restitution, or trampoline effect of the face) to add to the Forged irons’ speed gains.

The new JPX921 Forged also features a smaller head than its 919 predecessors, achieved through the introduction of a new stability frame which maintains MOI for forgiveness. Chromoly also allows key areas to retain rigidity to maintain the trademark Mizuno solid feel.

Extra attention has also been paid to the impact sound of the Forged irons, with strategic placement of mass resulting in a reduction of vibration at impact for a pure sound and honest feedback.

Like the other JPX921 irons, the Forged has a new brushed pearl finish which is more durable and reduces reflection and glare in direct sunlight.

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With a wider and larger head size and thicker topline compared to the Tour and Forged models, Hot Metal irons are aimed at golfers who want their irons to produce distance while offering loads of forgiveness.

But despite those obvious game improvement qualities, Hot Metal irons aren’t completely devoid of Mizuno’s famous feel and a certain degree of playability.

Hot Metal irons are a firm favourite in the new JPX921 line-up and unlike the forged construction of the JPX291 Tour and Forged irons, Mizuno’s Hot Metal irons are cast from high-strength 4140 Chromoly steel.

MIZUNO JPX 921 Irons - Hot Metal

Generating ball speed and distance are the top priorities for JPX921 Hot Metal irons, which feature relatively strong lofts. However, the tech contained in Hot Metal irons optimises ball flights and descent angles to deliver performance for players who need it the most.

A new seamless face cup construction optimises COR and works in unison with an innovative variable sole thickness to elevate ball speed, while a new multi-thickness face design is Mizuno’s thinnest and fastest yet, providing additional gains to ball speed and distance.

And a revised stability frame has been introduced to Hot Metal irons to create a bigger sweet spot and maximise forgiveness.

However, in true Mizuno fashion those attributes don’t disqualify Hot Metal irons from exuding the Japanese manufacturer’s famous feel and precision.

The workability of 4140 Chromoly gave designers the opportunity to keep key structural components of Hot Metal irons rigid enough to provide feel while internal ribs also reduce vibration to provide direct feedback and a satisfyingly solid sound at impact. Hot Metal irons also receive the low-glare brushed pearl finish.

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Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal Pro irons share much of the same technology as JPX921 Hot Metal irons, but feature a smaller head size, thinner topline and minimal offset.

Comparable in size to JPX921 Forged irons, Hot Metal Pro irons have identical lofts to their Hot Metal sibling and deliver the same game improvement performance traits.

MIZUNO JPX 921 Irons - Hot Metal Pro

However, the compact shape and minimal offset offers playability alongside the already appealing characteristics of easy distance, effortless launch and maximum forgiveness.

Like all Mizuno JPX irons, they can be mixed and matched into a full set. Hot Metal Pro irons have found a niche as a long iron replacement but are just as effective as a full set for players who prefer irons with negligible offset and a degree of workability.

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  • Australian Launch Date: October 15, 2020
  • Hand: Right/Left – Hot Metal and Tour/Forged combo set.
  • Shaft options: Tour: KBS S-Taper stiff. Forged: Nippon Modus 120 stiff/105 regular. Hot Metal: Nippon NS Pro 950 Neo Recoil ESX. Hot Metal Pro: Project X LZ Black 5.5.
  • Grip: Tour: Golf Pride Z-Grip full cord. Forged: MC +4 Grey. Hot Metal: MC +4 Grey. Hot Metal Pro: Lamkin ST Hybrid.
  • Mizuno JPX921 Tour Iron lofts: 4 (24°), 5 (27°), 6 (30°), 7 (34°), 8 (38°), 9 (42°), PW (46°), GW (51°)
  • Mizuno JPX921 Forged Iron lofts: 4 (21°), 5 (24°), 6 (27°), 7 (31°), 8 (35°), 9 (40°), PW (45°), GW (50°)
  • Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal/Hot Metal Pro Iron lofts: 4 (19°), 5 (22°), 6 (25°), 7 (29°), 8 (34°), 9 (39°), PW (44°), GW (49°), SW (54°), LW (59°)
  • Set: Tour: 4-GW, Forged: 4-PW, Special Edition Leftie: 4,5 (forged), 6-GW (tour), Hot Metal: 4-GW (additional wedges available)