Mizuno M-Craft Putters

Mizuno M-Craft Putters

Posted by GolfBox on 11th Feb 2020

Mizuno have long been revered for their precision craftsmanship that delivers trademark performance and superior feel in their classic-looking irons.

Now the Japanese manufacturer has decided to apply the same winning formula in the flatstick arena with the release of the new Mizuno M-Craft putter line-up.

M-Craft putters exude the genuine feel and premium playability that make them unmistakably Mizuno; rare and valuable attributes which are perfected over time, not merely created overnight.

And it's those exact qualities that'll make the M-Craft putter range an instant success on the greens.

So, start clearing some space at the top of the bag and feel the Mizuno M-Craft difference.

Three Classic Putters

The Mizuno M-Craft line-up is comprised of three classically-styled putter shapes, rather unromantically named the M-Craft I, M-Craft II and M-Craft III.

There's no venturing into radical profiles and high MOI designs here; just traditional shapes and unbelievable feel delivered via impeccable craftsmanship and a steadfast commitment to flawless build quality.

The putters are milled from 1025 forged steel, which is responsible for delivering the trademark soft Mizuno feel, and the faces feature aggressive milled lines that concentrate the point of impact for a more precise feel and direct feedback.

The Mizuno M-Craft I is a square-backed putter with a slant neck, designed for maximum toe-hang to suit an acutely arcing putting stroke.

Then there's the Mizuno M-Craft II, a traditional Anser-style head which will complement a more gently arcing stroke.

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And the Mizuno M-Craft III is a face-balanced players' mallet that will aid a straight back-and-through putting action.

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All three putters are available in two traditional Mizuno colour schemes: white satin and black ion.

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Weighted to Win

Weighing 355g, the putters are a little on the heftier side, but Mizuno maintain the extra weight helps to create a smoother and more stable putting stroke.

Each M-Craft putter is fitted with dual 8g sole weights, but they are adjustable: each putter comes with its very own weight kit, which contains two 3g weights and two 13g weights to customise the head feel.

And slotting different combinations of weights into the sole can alter the toe hang, to customise the perfect amount of release for any arcing putting stroke.

A Nippon Original shaft is standard in the M-Craft putter range and is fitted with a The Grip Master – The Roo grip for extra tackiness. The putters have 4° of loft.

Mizuno M-Craft Putter Specifications

Hand: RH/LH
Lie Angle: 70°
Shaft: Nippon Original
Length: 34"
Face balanced models: M-Craft III
Toe Hang models: M-Craft I, M-Craft II
Offset: M-Craft I: full shaft; M-Craft II: three-quarter shaft; M-Craft III: half-shaft
Grip: The Grip Master - The Roo Grip

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