Mizuno RB Tour & RB Tour X Golf Balls

Mizuno RB Tour & RB Tour X Golf Balls

Posted by GolfBox on 5th Feb 2019

After 12 years of slogging it out in the Mizuno wind tunnel, the new  Mizuno RB Tour and  RB Tour X golf balls are finally ready to make their mark on golf courses around the globe.

While Mizuno have released balls in Asian and European markets for decades, the new RB Tour and RB Tour X are the first balls the Japanese manufacturer has released on a global scale.

The premium RB Tour balls are aimed at the elite golfer, offering length off the tee as well as the unique feel and feedback that low handicap and tour players desire around the greens.

But what separates the new RB Tour and  Mizuno RB Tour X from other balls in the Tour-spec category is their performance in windy conditions, which is why they are a sought after commodity among touring professionals.

mizuno rb tour x golf balls

Twelve years of research in the wind tunnel resulted in Mizuno developing an innovative speed-enhancing Cone Dimple design (C dimple) that makes the RB Tour and RB Tour X balls ultra-effective in the breeze.

The breakthrough design of the C dimple creates more trigger points on the ball’s surface, keeping the fast moving air streaming over it for longer to reduce aerodynamic drag and at the same time, working to improve trajectory.

With 360 of the C dimples arranged precisely over the RB Tour and RB Tour X’s surface, they combine to create a controlled and piercing ball flight with the driver while full iron shots slice through the wind more efficiently and generate yardage gains.

The  Mizuno RB Tour golf ball has a softer compression compared to the RB Tour X and will spin less with a driver swing that has a downward attack angle.

Mizuno RB Tour Golf Balls

The slightly firmer Mizuno RB Tour X is suited to faster swing speeds and will also spin a fraction more with the driver. It will perform best for driver swings with a level to upward angle of attack.

The Mizuno RB Tour and RB Tour X are both four layer balls, containing a butadiene rubber dual core, a high energy ionomer mantle and a urethane cover that is soft and grippy for those touch shots around the greens.