Mizuno ST-G 220 Driver

Mizuno ST-G 220 Driver

Posted by GolfBox on 15th Oct 2021

With many new drivers pivoting towards reduced adjustability in the name of efficiency, Mizuno have dropped the mic and gone all in with the new ST-G 220 driver.

The new driver improves on last year’s ST-G 200, a low-spinning beast that many driver savants agreed was close to the most versatile big dog around – but even it pales into insignificance compared to Mizuno’s new ST-G 220 driver.

Mizuno have added an extra weight channel to the ST-G 220’s sole, exponentially increasing the weighting combinations and offering a spectrum of playability and flight options as wide as the first fairway at St Andrews.

If you liked the versatility and performance offered by the previous ST-G 200 driver, you’re going to be amazed by the new ST-G 220 driver.

Mizuno ST-G 220 Driver

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With real estate on the sole of the ST-G 220 driver at a premium, Mizuno got creative to accommodate their extra weight channel.

The existing lateral weight tracks (the X and Z) got their wings clipped, a slightly shorter axis freeing up space for a centrally positioned weight channel at the back of the head.

Having three weight channels instead of two opens up a smorgasbord of tasty options.

While most adjustable drivers offer either shape or spin adjustability, the ST-G 220 becomes one of only a handful in the game that does both.

Want mid-spinning playability mixed with a hard draw flight? Or how about a low-spinning looper to go with a side order of a gentle fade?

The ST-G 220 has no problem producing both, along with literally thousands of potential combinations.

And if extreme levels of forgiveness are all you care about, lock both weights in the central channel and forget about it.

In short, the ST-G 220 is not short on options.


Regardless of your preferred weighting configuration, the Mizuno ST-G 220 driver treats any off-centre strike with tender, loving care.

The new driver is across-the-board more forgiving, even without utilising the dual weight/central channel nuclear option.

But for such a highly forgiving driver, the design of the driver doesn’t appear exceedingly large.

The profile of the ST-G 220 is similar to its predecessor, with a deep faced design and a shortish front-to-back footprint all contained within the 460cc limit.

Also making an appearance on the ST-G 220 is the Mizuno Wave Sole, which deals with low strikes off the face, and the CORTECH face.

Made from Mizuno’s Beta Ti titanium, a material stronger and more flexible than regular titanium, the multi-thickness CORTECH face is central to the ball speed and distance gains that make the ST-G 220 the dark horse of the fairways.

Available in a loft of 9˚, the driver also features Mizuno’s adjustable hosel, which can further finetune trajectory with its 4˚ range.

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  • Hand: Right
  • Shaft: Mitsubishi Diamana (regular, stiff, extra stiff)
  • ST-G 220 driver lofts:
  • Hosel: adjustable +- 2 degrees