Mizuno STZ and STX Drivers

Mizuno STZ and STX Drivers

Posted by GolfBox on 18th Feb 2021

Mizuno irons have long been considered the game’s best and now Mizuno’s new ST range of drivers and fairway woods are set to join them in the same rarefied air.

The new clubs are the culmination of three years of development and refinement of Mizuno’s previous ST models – the ST190 and ST200 – and it has delivered performance gains that have made the wait well and truly worth it.

The Mizuno ST line-up extracts every last drop of ball speed, courtesy of a second generation titanium face, while impact sound and feel has been enhanced following input from Mizuno’s Tour players.

Get ready to experience the new Mizuno ST drivers and fairways in February 2021.

Mizuno ST Series of Drivers and Fairway


Mizuno’s second generation driver face, known as the SAT2041, might not have the sexiest name to ever grace a golf club but it is extremely efficient at doing its job: launching the golf ball high, long and straight off the tee.

For those interested, the name refers to the ingredients of the special blend of titanium alloy the face is modelled from: Super Alloy Titanium, 20% Vanadium, 4% Aluminium, 1% Tin.

It’s a lightweight high-strength titanium alloy that is superior to the more commonly used 6-4 titanium and its qualities are perfect to craft the detailed face design that features in the new Mizuno ST X and ST Z drivers.


Engineering a highly satisfying feel and sound into the new ST line-up was a priority for Mizuno after feedback from their Tour players.

It is a tedious task to tune the impact sound and feel in a golf club, two variables that are highly sensitive, but Mizuno cracked it through a combination of the new SAT2041 face and a revision of Mizuno’s Wave Sole design.

Mizuno describe the new feel and sound as a dense and solid sensation at impact but it really is best experienced in person, particularly after launching a new Mizuno ST driver high, long and straight.

Mizuno STZ and STX Drivers 2021


The pair of unique head shapes in the ST line-up – the ST Z and ST X - meet the varying needs of golfers to a tee and provide different launch and ball flight options.

Both drivers feature Mizuno’s quick-change adjustable hosel that alters lofts over a four-degree range.


The Mizuno ST Z driver features a deep back weight on the sole that makes it ultra-stable and forgiving while offering low-spin rates that aid straight-as-an-arrow ball flights.

It’s suited for players with a higher swing speeds and has the wider footprint of the two new Mizuno drivers.

Mizuno ST Z Driver

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With a more compact shape and a draw-biased design via heel-side sole weighting and a carbon-fibre toe, the ST X driver has proved popular in testing among Mizuno’s Tour staff.

It has a more upright lie angle than the ST Z driver and it is a good choice for players with mid-to-low swing speeds, especially in a J-Spec configuration that includes a feather-light 39g MFUSION graphite shaft.

Mizuno ST X Driver

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  • Hand: ST Z 9.5 RH/LH, ST Z 10.5° RH only. ST X RH only.
  • Mizuno ST Z Driver Shaft Options: Fujikura Motore X F3 6; Project X EvenFlow Riptide 50; Project X HZRDUS Smoke RDX 60
  • Mizuno ST X Driver Shaft Options: Fujikura Motore X F3 6; Project X EvenFlow Riptide 50; Mizuno M Fusion 40 (J-Spec)
  • Mizuno ST Z Driver Lofts: 9.5°, 10.5°
  • Mizuno ST X Driver Lofts: 10.5°, 12°
  • Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Round
  • Hosel: adjustable +- 2 degrees


Mizuno know from experience among their Tour players that fairway woods are the least replaced clubs in a golfer’s bag.

Players have a habit of sticking with what they know works and it became a large factor in the creation of the new Mizuno ST Z fairway woods.

The ST Z fairway wood is traditional in shape but features subtle improvements to classic shaping, including noticeable enhancements in the transition points around the leading edge and hosel.

Available in 3 and 5 wood lofts, ST Z fairways are equipped with Mizuno’s third generation MAS1C face, with provides the perfect combination of low spin performance and stability – characteristics that are relatively rare in fairway woods.

Mizuno ST Z fairway woods will build the trust that players need to take the leap into new and improved fairway wood technology.

Mizuno ST Z Fairway

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  • Hand: 3W RH/LH, 5W RH only.
  • Shaft Options: Fujikura Motore X F3 7; Project X EvenFlow Riptide 60; Project X HZRDUS Smoke RDX 70
  • Mizuno ST Z fairway Wood Lofts: 3W (15°), 5W (18°)
  • Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Round
  • Hosel: adjustable +- 2 degrees