Mizuno T20 Wedges Review

Mizuno T20 Wedges Review

Posted by GolfBox on 3rd Sep 2019

Mizuno's grain flow forging process is renowned for delivering unbelievable feel and feedback, qualities that aren’t just desirable in wedges, they’re a necessity.

It’s an advantage that sets Mizuno wedges apart from the rest of the herd and is the reason the new Mizuno T20 wedge feels just as good as it looks.

The T20’s teardrop-shaped head follows the same tapered aesthetic seen on the Mizuno MP-20 irons, which allows them to merge into a set perfectly.

And the head shape within the T20 wedge range is also progressive, with the classic teardrop blade becoming more rounded as lofts increase, for greater versatility around the greens.

Mizuno have also managed to shift weight higher in the face to generate extra spin and stability – traits that come in handy when knocking down pins or playing finesse shots around the greens.

Mizuno T20 Wedges

Groove Tech

Mizuno understand that while Surlyn-shredding spin rates are great, it's the consistency of that spin that makes golfers true masters of their wedge game.

And that is why Mizuno have introduced new Hydroflow Micro Grooves on their T20 wedges, which help the T20 wedges perform identically in both wet and dry conditions.

The micro grooves are rendered between the regular grooves and function in a similar way to treads on a car tyre, diverting water away from the face and grooves so moisture doesn’t affect the spin rates, which can decrease by up the 30 per cent when it’s wet.

Mizuno have also tinkered with the regular grooves on the T20 wedges, which are long-lasting thanks to the infusion of boron in the 1025 steel the wedges are forged from.

The grooves are narrower and deeper in the lower lofts to maximise performance for full shots and get progressively wider and shallower as lofts increase, for greater versatility around the greens.

Mizuno T20 Vertical Grooves

Mizuno T20 Grinds and Specs

Mizuno T20 wedges are CNC milled for precision and consistency and come in three grinds: standard bevel, subtle M and aggressive C.

T20 wedges with lower lofts have the standard bevel grind that is effective for full shots while the M and C grinds are employed on wedges with higher lofts.

There are three T20 finishes to choose from: a satin chrome, blue ion or raw finish that rusts over time.

A True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 shaft and Golf Pride ZGRIP are standard.

BUY Mizuno T20 Wedge Satin Chrome

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Mizuno T20 Wedge Specs

Australian Launch Date: September 5
Golfer: Men's
Hand: Right/Left
Material: Boron Steel
Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 Tour Issue
Flex: Wedge
Grip: Golf Pride ZGRIP
Mizuno T20 wedge lofts: RH: 44-62° LH: 48°, 50°, 52°
Mizuno T20 wedge - Loft/bounce combinations
Standard Bevel grind: 44°/4°, 45°/5°, 46°/6°, 47°/11°, 48°/8°, 49°/6°, 50°/7°, 51°/8°, 52°/9°, 53°/10°
Subtle M grind: 54°/12°, 55°/13°, 56°/6°, 56°/14°, 57°/7°, 57°/15°, 58°/8°, 58°/16°, 59°/9°, 60°/10°
Aggressive C grind: 54°/8°, 55°/9°, 56°/10°, 57°/11°, 58°/4°, 58°/12°, 59°/5°, 60°/6°, 61°/7°, 62°/8°