NEW Bettinardi Range of 2020 Putters

NEW Bettinardi Range of 2020 Putters

Posted by GolfBox on 26th Aug 2020

Bettinardi putters have long been regarded as some of the best in the game, finding their way into the gifted hands of golf’s finest players and being used to win majors.

And after 20-plus years of designing, refining and constructing the putters that carry his name, Bob Bettinardi is still as passionate and dedicated to his craft as he ever was.

With a storied history of innovation and an unyielding pursuit of the perfect feel, Bob Bettinardi knows putters better than most. He was the first to mill a complete putter head and neck from a solid block of metal and invented the now-famous Bettinardi honeycomb face milling. They were both revolutionary attributes that made Bettinardi putters renowned for their feel, sound and performance on the greens and it was all achieved without the inclusion of a face insert, as they still are today.

Bettinardi putters saw immediate success at the highest level when Jesper Parnevik won the 1999 Greensboro Open. Since then, the winning putt of another 78 tournaments worldwide has been holed using a Bettinardi putter. And three of those wins have been majors, with Jim Furyk, Vijay Singh and Francesco Molinari all wielding a Bettinardi putter to great effect in their respective victories.

Tour players Matt Kuchar, Fred Couples, Jason Kokrak, Ben Silverman and Jim Herman, among others, are all current Bettinardi staffers.

But regardless of whether you’re playing in a major or just looking for a putter that’s automatic when the pressure goes on, the Bettinardi philosophy is the always the same: premium putters that deliver exquisite feel and exceptional performance.


The NEW 2020 Bettinardi putter line-up is split between the classic head shapes in the Bettinardi BB series, an assortment of high-MOI mallets in the Bettinardi INOVAI 6 collection, the honeycomb milled Queen B series and the timeless Studio Stock assortment.

Bettinardi BB Putters

Bettinardi BB putters are all coated in a light-absorbing glacier black finish, which is emblazoned with white guide lines and eye-catching red, white and blue branding. Milled from a single piece of soft carbon steel, Bettinardi BB putters also have the latest Super-Fly face milling technique to offer a superb feel response.

Bettinardi BB Putters

Models include the BB1 traditional blade, available in both a  plumber’s neck or flow neck; the BB8, a wide-bodied blade with a plumber’s neck; and the BB45, a face-balanced compact mallet.


Bettinardi INOVAI 6 Putters

Meanwhile, Bettinardi INOVAI 6 putters feature stability and forgiveness through a high-MOI design. A soft steel face is melded with a sizeable aluminium rear that pushes weight to the perimeter of the putter head, a design perfected by Bob Bettinardi’s son Sam. Finished in a striking platinum and cobalt blue, INOVAI 6 putters feature the new Super-Fly face milling that is overlaid with Bettinardi’s F.I.T. face (Feel Impact Technology).

Bettinardi INOVAI Putters

There are three versions of the  INOVAI 6: a crescent neck toe hang model; the face-balanced, centre-shafted INOVAI 6 CTR; and the minimal toe-hang, single bend shaft INOVAI 6 S.


Bettinardi Queen B putters

Bettinardi Queen B putters feature the trademark micro honeycomb pattern on the face, which provides a silky feel and well-defined feedback at impact. Machined from soft carbon steel and finished in what Bettinardi call Champagne Silver, the elegant appearance of Queen B putters has inspired confidence on the greens for years. However, Bettinardi’s mission of accommodating the needs of every player has seen the company introduce the new 2020 Queen B 6 SBS, finished in black PVD. And yes, Queen B putters are embossed with bees on the sole.

Bettinardi Queen B Putters

The line-up consists of the  Queen B 5, an uncomplicated blade featuring moderate toe hang and a plumbers neck; the Queen B 6, a wider blade with a single bend shaft and only a few degrees of toe hang; the Queen B 10, a traditional curved mallet with moderate toe hang and short plumber’s neck; and the aforementioned Queen B 6 SBS, a limited run of the popular Queen B 6 putter which has a slant neck, and more offset and toe hang than the original.


Studio Stock Putters

The Studio Stock range of putters are the workhorses of the Bettinardi stable, engineered and perfected over time for reliable and relatable performance on the greens. Bettinardi’s renowned F.I.T. face milling features on the Studio Select line-up, with the grooves milled 20 per cent deeper to provide a soft but precise impact feel. Hand-finished in a stylish platinum, Studio Stock putters are trusted favourites that keep on performing.

Bettinardi Studio Stock Putters.jpg

There are six different models to choose from, with the much-admired  Studio Stock 2 putter, a blade that set the standard for traditional Answer-style putters, among the most popular. With rounded contours and a hosel that has been moved forward and towards the toe, the Studio Stock 2 offers less toe-hang than most traditional blades.

The Bettinardi  Studio Stock 28 Slotback putter is a smallish mallet/blade hybrid putter and offers minimal toe hang and maximum forgiveness. It is also available in two other configurations: the Studio Stock 28 Slotback Centre Shaft putter, which attaches the shaft in the centre of the putter head and has more toe hang; and the Studio Stock 28 Slotback Armlock putter, which was tailored to Matt Kuchar’s armlock putting technique to eliminate change in the shaft angle during a stroke. It has a longer-than-standard 40” single bend shaft, a higher loft of 5° and a full shaft of offset.

To top it off, the  Bettinardi Studio Stock 38 putter is a compact, curved mallet with a cavity-back for high MOI and additional forgiveness. It features minimal toe hang and a single bend shaft. The Bettinardi Studio Stock 38 Armlock is the Matt Kuchar-inspired version that features a longer shaft and more loft and offset to accommodate an armlock putting technique.

All 2020 Bettinardi putters have been fitted with a new tour-grade shaft which promotes stability and consistency when the putter is in motion throughout a stroke. A new Lamkin SINK Fit grip, available in either regular or jumbo size, is the standard on all Bettinardi 2020 putters, except the Armlock putters, which are fitted with a 15” deep etched cord Lamkin grip.



  • Hand: All RH, LH only: BB1, INOVAI 6 crescent neck, Queen B 6
  • Loft: 3° standard, 5° for Armlock models
  • Lie Angle: 70°
  • Length: 35" standard, 40” for Armlock models
  • Face balanced models: BB45, INOVAI 6 CTR
  • Minimal toe hang models: Queen B 6, Studio Stock 38, INOVAI 6 S
  • Toe Hang models: BB1, BB1 Flow, BB8 Wide, INOVAI 6 crescent neck, Queen B 5, Queen B 6 SBS, Queen B 10, Studio Stock 2, Studio Stock 28 Slotback Centre, Studio Stock 28 Slotback Armlock, Studio Stock 38 Armlock
  • Grip: Lamkin SINK Fit regular or jumbo size, Lamkin deep etched cord on Armlock models