Oakley Sunglasses - Prizm Lens Review

Posted by GolfBox on 16th Mar 2018


If you’re looking to shave a couple of precious strokes off your round, wearing a pair of shades out on the course might just make the difference.

Sunglasses are generally an afterthought when it comes to golfing equipment and attire but the Prizm lenses found in Oakley’s range of sports-centric sunglasses are almost like having an unfair advantage out on the course.

Similar to how a stereo EQ enhances bass or treble frequencies, Prizm lenses make certain colours “pop” by improving the contrast between wavelengths of light, and Oakley have tailored a Prizm lens to suit the visual environment found on a golf course.

Oakley Prizm Golf lenses boost the contrast between the different shades of green found on a golf course for greater definition between the fairway, fringe, semi-rough and rough - what would've previously appeared as a haphazard blur when viewed through normal sunglasses suddenly becomes sharper and more defined than a lawyer's timesheet.

The ability to distinguish between different grasses more precisely will boost distance perception while a greater ability to see changes in grass texture means chip and run shots are able to be played with improved judgment and confidence. And when you reach the putting surface, subtle changes in grain direction and grass quality are more obvious, leading to better speed judgment with the flatstick. With a greater distinction between the green shades of the fairways and putting surfaces and the yellows, reds and oranges that are found in bunkers, dry rough and waste areas, Oakley Prizm Golf lenses will also help your game by narrowing your vision solely on the target.

As golfers will know, when your eyes are focused exclusively on your target rather than on the traps you want to avoid, your mind clears, your swing frees up and your ball usually finishes close to its intended destination.


Being out in the sun for hours on end while grinding through a round will result in considerable exposure to UV rays, which is bad news for your eyes.

Just as you'd apply the slip, slop, slap rule for the rest of your body, it makes sense to invest in a pair of quality sunglasses to protect your eyes from skin cancer, cataracts and pterygiums that are unfortunately all too common among golfers.Oakley Prizm Golf lenses block 100 per cent of UV for complete protection from the sun - the Plutonite material the lenses are made from naturally stops UV - and offer medium sun glare reduction.

Oakley haven't polarised their Prizm Golf lenses because polarisation can affect depth perception by eliminating all glare. Golf is one activity where some glare is needed to be able to perceive all the undulations out on the course and track your ball against the sky.

Oakley Sunglasses - Prizm Lens Review

However, there are models in the Oakley Prizm range that, while not specifically tailored for golf needs, may be preferred by some golfers.

The Prizm Daily and Prizm Water models have polarised lenses and Prizm black lenses are another popular choice to efficiently reduce light levels on particularly bright days out on the course.


While the advantages of wearing sunglasses on the golf course are clear to see (pun intended), it is often comfort that determines whether they stay on the face or are left in the car.

Cheaper sunglasses are often uncomfortable and don’t fit as securely as sunglasses that are specifically designed for sport.

Oakley's range of sports sunglasses have a patented three-point fitting system, with contact only being made with the bridge of the nose and behind the ears, to maintain perfect alignment while eradicating pressure points for complete comfort.

Oakley Sunglasses

And Oakley's patented Unobtanium, a material that grips more as you get hotter and sweatier, is employed on the nose pads, ear pads and ear socks so you'll never have to worry about your sunglasses slipping while you’re swinging the club.

Oakley's sports frames are constructed from the company's patented O-Matter, a lightweight, flexible and durable material, and Oakley Flak frames are the most popular choice among golfers seeking Prizm Golf lens technology.

The Oakley Flak 2.0XL, Flak 2.0, Flak Draft and Flak Beta are all dual lens frames while the Oakley Radar EV frame is a popular choice for golfers who prefer a singular shield lens.

Frames that wrap around the face like the Oakley Flak, Radar and Half Jacket can reduce the amount of wind, dust, sand and grass blowing into your eyes out on the course, which is beneficial if you have pollen or grass allergies or play bunker shots into the wind regularly.

Nearly all Oakley sports frames also have the capacity to change between lenses to suit the light conditions.

If you are looking for a slightly less performance-looking frame, the Oakley Mainlink (Prizm Water lens) and Oakley Double Edge (Prizm Black lens) are both top choices.

A pair of Oakley Prizm sunglasses will not only have you seeing well out on the course, you'll be looking like you mean business too.

Now there are no excuses.