Odyssey White Hot OG Putters

Odyssey White Hot OG Putters

Posted by GolfBox on 14th Jan 2021

The world prior to the introduction of the White Hot insert was a forbidding place, full of inconsistent roll and muddied feel that made putting an often bewildering task.

Odyssey’s White Hot insert changed putting, and golf, for the better over 20 years ago. And it has become a near compulsory component in the quest to improve feel and hole more putts.

There really isn’t anything like it in golf, with a feel, sound and performance that is unique.

But sometimes to move forwards, it’s necessary to revisit the past. In 2021,  Odyssey have decided to reintroduce the original formulation of the White Hot insert in eight new putters.

NOTE: Australian shipping date is the 28/01/2021

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The Original Coupled With The Best

The original two-part urethane White Hot insert is back by popular demand after both Tour players and everyday amateurs petitioned Odyssey to resurrect it.

The original’s feel, sound and performance will appear in eight different OG White Hot putters, all featuring a stylish PVD finish and the major-winning, multi-material Odyssey Stroke Lab shaft that is designed to promote a smooth and even tempo.

A grey DFX grip is standard and sole weights on all new White Hot OG putters can be interchanged, to customise feel.

Odyssey White Hot OG Putter Heads

The Eight NEW White Hot OG Putters

  1. OG White Hot #1: A compact heel-toe weighted putter shaped in a traditional Anser style. Features a full shaft offset hosel and moderate toe hang.
  2. OG White Hot #1WS: A wide-bodied blade putter with modern shaping. Fitted with a short slant hosel for minimal toe hang.
  3. OG White Hot #5: D-shaped blade putter featuring classic curves and lines. Heel shafted for significant toe hang.
  4. OG White Hot Rossie: Heel shafted mid-mallet that is face balanced. Will suit strokes with minimal rotation of the putter face.
  5. OG White Hot Rossie Slant Neck: Mid-mallet with short slant neck hosel, which produces moderate toe hang. Will suit strokes that open and shut the putter face.
  6. OG White Hot #7: Odyssey’s signature mallet with rear stability “fangs”. Heel shafted and face balanced, will suit straight-back-and-through strokes.
  7. OG White Hot #7S: Odyssey’s signature mallet with rear stability “fangs”. Slant neck hosel creates moderate toe hang and will suit arcing strokes.
  8. OG White Hot 2-Ball: Breakthrough 2-ball mallet shape. Heel shafted and face balanced for strokes with minimal rotation.

Odyssey White Hot OG Putter Soles

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