PuttOUT - Pressure Putt Trainer Review

Posted by GolfBox on 27th Feb 2018

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OK, get ready to be mesmerised by the PuttOUT Pressure Putt trainer because once you start, you’re not going to be able to stop.

Whether you’re burning the cup regularly or simply putting like a complete goose, the PuttOUT Pressure Putt trainer will save you precious shots out on the course with its addictive method of improving the speed and accuracy of your putts.


While trying to roll a ball over a white disc the size of a regulation golf hole is not exactly a ground-breaking technique to improve putting accuracy, the PuttOUT Pressure Putt trainer’s genius is in the plastic parabolic ramp that sits behind the disc.

A putt that bisects the disc and rolls up and back down the ramp is a putt that would’ve been holed out on the course. The curved ramp also hones speed control by returning the ball the exact distance it would’ve finished beyond the hole, had it missed.

When you find your groove using the PuttOUT Pressure Putt trainer you'll soon be knocking them in from everywhere out on the greens.

PuttOUT - Pressure Putt Trainer


Once your speed control is getting as reliable as a Tokyo train timetable, it’s time to try the PuttOUT Pressure Putt trainer’s most novel but nerve-fraying feature, the micro target.

Activating the micro target is as simple as popping out the plastic cover that sits in the middle of the ramp, but be warned: once you pop you won’t be able to stop until you’ve successfully nestled at least one ball in the micro target.

The micro target is a round indentation positioned a third of the way up the ramp and is slightly narrower than the diameter of a golf ball. The goal is to roll your ball with the perfect pace and line so it comes to rest in the micro target, suspended in perfection.

It is harder than it sounds but to stop a putt in the micro target means the line and pace was spot-on, with PuttOUT rating the perfect hole-out pace as finishing 18 inches beyond the hole.

The PuttOUT Pressure Putt trainer is a simple and effective way to improve your holing-out skills by focusing on the putting non-negotiables of speed and line, which are critical to sinking those knee-knocking pressure putts.


The lightweight and compact PuttOUT Pressure Putt trainer folds flat to fit inside the pocket of a golf bag and is equally effective on the greens or in the home or office.

But if you're a fan of floorboards or your carpet is bumpier than a Garuda Airlines landing, it might pay to purchase the PuttOUT Pro Putting mat.

Sold separately and available in green or grey, the PuttOUT Pro Putting mat has alignment and distance markings printed on its surface for added precision.

The mat runs at 10 on the stimpmeter, which is the speed of an average-to-fast green.

Never before has putting practice been so challenging, while simultaneously being so fun, than with the PuttOUT Pressure Putt trainer.

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