Scotty Cameron Phantom X Putters (2021)

Scotty Cameron Phantom X Putters (2021)

Posted by GolfBox on 15th Feb 2021

Scotty Cameron has been in the putter game for decades and during that time, he has produced tour-grade putters that are regarded by many golfers as the best that money can buy.

Four new Scotty Cameron Phantom X putters will hit the shelves in March 2021 and they have evolved from the Scotty Cameron putters the pros are using on tour – the same models that are being wielded to win the big tournaments.

Offering premium performance like only a Scotty Cameron putter can, the four new Phantom X putters are designed to complement a variety of putting strokes through a selection of head and hosel designs while offering exceptional levels of feel.

The NEW Phantom X will be available for Pre-Order at GolfBox in early March 2021, with a worldwide release on March 26 2021.


Scotty Cameron is not one to rest on his laurels and relive past glories.

As a true mastercraftsman, he’s always exploring possibilities and on the lookout for the next revolutionary design that creates pure roll and consistency in a putter.

The new Phantom X line-up gives players what they’ve been asking for: proven tour-bred putters that have been expanded with all the best bits of technology that Scotty Cameron has in his bag.

There are four fresh designs: an updated Phantom X 5 and Phantom X 5.5 and a completely new Phantom X 11 and Phantom X 11.5.

All four putters are high-MOI mallets constructed from a milled stainless steel putter face that is merged with an aluminium flange, with the two materials linked with precision to deliver the perfect weighting characteristics.

It encourages a balanced feel and produces an impact sound that is only matched by the Phantom X line-up’s premium roll.

Phantom X putters are the surest of sure bets on the greens. All you need to do is start the putt on the right line with the right speed and watch the putts drop.


The X 5 is a mid-sized mallet with a high-contrast sightline. With its single bend shaft, the X5 is only a fraction off being a face-balanced putter and will suit straight-back-and-through strokes.


The X 5.5 is the “Justin Thomas” Scotty Cameron putter – or at least inspired by the world No.3. It has the same head as the X 5 but is fitted with a slant neck hosel that gives it a moderate amount of toe hang. Players who rotate the face open and closed will find it works better with their strokes.


A compact mallet inspired by the X5, the X11 features perimeter wing weighting for greater stability. The X 11 is face-balanced through a mid-bend shaft to complement putting strokes that have minimal face rotation. An unadorned topline focuses the eye on the long alignment line running through the centre of the X 11’s rear flange.


The X 11.5 replicates the X11 head design but has a single bend shaft configuration. It produces a moderate level of toe hang to suit strokes that open and shut the putter face.