Taylormade BigFoot Hi-Toe Wedge

Taylormade BigFoot Hi-Toe Wedge

Posted by GolfBox on 12th Aug 2019

The latest addition to TaylorMade’s wedge range is the new TaylorMade BigFoot Hi-Toe, a club with lofty ideals that is designed for the high life.

And this Big Foot is no myth - it will save you shots from the rough, fairway, sand or anywhere else where you need to flight your ball sky high while generating some frenetic spin.

Sole Purpose

The wedge's Big Foot nickname is hitched to its incredibly wide and flat sole - a bit of a monster at 32mm wide - which makes it easier than ever to extract balls out of bunkers and long rough.

A C-shaped grind on the sole - CNC machine milled for precision and consistency - and a relatively high bounce of 15 degrees work in harmony to make the BigFoot versatile out on the course.

Relief has been taken out of the toe and heel areas to boost playability and feel by keeping the leading edge low to the ground with both an open or closed clubface.

And the TaylorMade BigFoot Hi-Toe wedge also has an "anti-dig" leading edge that makes it almost foolproof - it'll slide under the ball instead of chunking the turf behind it.

Full-Face Grooves

Carrying on from the original TaylorMade Hi-Toe wedges, the TaylorMade BigFoot Hi-Toe features the same groove layout that extends across the entire width of the face from heel to the toe.

The toe height has also been stretched a further 5mm, giving the BigFoot Hi-Toe quite a large footprint when it sits behind the ball.

But the unconventional wedge shape/size and groove design comes into its own when the face is open: firstly, there's a greater area of face in play, with which all manner of shots can be crafted. And secondly, the ball will travel across the Big Foot's face for longer, to produce more spin.

TaylorMade have also been able to move extra mass up the Big Foot's face by making the pockets on the back cavity deeper.

With the centre of gravity shifted higher, the Big Foot will produce a slightly lower trajectory on full shots. But it also produces record levels of spin for a wedge of its kind.

Taylormade BigFoot Hi-Toe Wedge - Features

Taylormade BigFoot Hi-Toe Wedge Specs

The BigFoot Hi-Toe is available in 58° and 60° lofts with identical bounce and lie angles (15° & 64°).

The wedges are constructed from steel but have the trademark copper finish, which will oxidise and darken with age, and can be fitted with a steel shaft (KBS Hi Rev 2.0 115g) or graphite (UST Recoil 65g). Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips are standard.

TaylorMade Big Foot Hi-Toe Wedge

Australian Launch Date: Sept 6
Hand: Right
Material: Steel
Finish: Copper
Shaft: KBS Hi Rev 2.0 115g (steel), UST Recoil 65g (graphite)
Flex: Wedge
Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet
Lie angle: 64°
Swing weight: D5
TaylorMade Big Foot Hi-Toe wedge lofts: 58°, 60°
TaylorMade Big Foot Hi-Toe wedge loft/bounce combinations:58°/15°, 60°/15°