TaylorMade GAPR LO/MID/HI Review

Posted by GolfBox on 26th Jul 2018

A Tiger Woods’ what’s-in-the-bag will always generate unceasing interest, but the appearance of a new driving iron in the champion’s bag caught everyone’s attention at this year’s Open at Carnoustie.

When the champ opted to use a new TaylorMade GAPR, it created the kind of hype usually seen when a new driver appears.

But given the success Woods has experienced playing irons off the tee in previous Opens – he played just one driver all week when he won at Hoylake in 2006 – the choice of a TaylorMade GAPR driving iron was a significant club selection.

And the TaylorMade GAPR proved extremely effective for Woods, as he led deep into the final round before finishing sixth behind winner Francesco Molinari.

It was a ringing endorsement of the GAPR’s versatility and usefulness not just for Tiger, but for golfers of all abilities looking to fill a gap in their game.

TaylorMade GAPR


The TaylorMade GAPR range consists of three models that are designed to fill the gap between the longest iron and shortest metalwood in the bag.

The three TaylorMade GAPR models – LO, MID and HI – come in a range of lofts and lie angles so golfers can choose the precise club to bridge a distance gap in their game.

Each GAPR model is designed to suit different playing styles but all feature a hollow stainless steel head and TaylorMade’s famous Speed Slot on the sole.

TaylorMade’s patented Speedfoam, which is also seen in TaylorMade’s P790 irons, is injected internally to support the GAPRs’ clubface so it can be made thinner for increased ballspeeds and forgiveness, particularly on low strikes.

The Speedfoam also dampens vibrations and improves acoustics at impact for a solid sounding strike that makes the GAPR range as easy to listen to as a Kenny G album.


The TaylorMade GAPR LO is the model Tiger Woods employed at Carnoustie and will suit players with high swing speeds.

With its appearance most resembling an iron, the GAPR LO is designed with a low CG (centre of gravity) that is positioned forward - as evidenced by the location of the weight screw on the back of the clubhead instead of the sole, like the MID and HI GAPR models possess.

The result is a low, penetrating trajectory that is perfect to hit the “stingers” that make Tiger Woods such a threat around a firm links layout.

The TaylorMade GAPR LO comes in lofts of 17, 19 and 22 degrees and is the most workable club in the GAPR range if shot shaping is a consideration.

TaylorMade GAPR lo


The  TaylorMade GAPR MID features a wider sole and slightly more offset than the GAPR MID, which translates into two distinct features: more forgiveness and a higher trajectory.

While the GAPR MID still looks more like an iron than a hybrid, the weight screw is fitted to the sole to establish an ultra-low CG. 

The TaylorMade GAPR MID is the model that achieves effortless distance with a slightly higher trajectory than the GAPR LO and is available is lofts of 18, 21 and 24 degrees.    TaylorMade GAPR mid


The most hybrid looking clubhead in the GAPR range, the TaylorMade GAPR HI has a deep head and forgiving appearance that propels the ball high and far.

With the additional space in the noticeably larger clubhead and crown, the GAPR HI’s weight screw shifts the CG low and rearward, ideal parameters for high and long launch characteristics.

Players with slower swing speeds will benefit most from the TaylorMade GAPR HI and its cambered sole makes it easy to hit out of rough and uneven ground.

The TaylorMade GAPR HI comes in lofts of 19, 22, 25, and 28 degrees. TaylorMade GAPR hi


TaylorMade GAPR hybrid shafts

A KBS Hybrid graphite shaft with a Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip is the stock choice in the TaylorMade GAPR range.

An adjustable hosel is also a standard feature on all GAPR models and can alter lofts by up to 1.5 degrees higher or lower.

The TaylorMade GAPR range might not be able to make up for a gap in talent, but is just the tonic to bridge that troubling gap in distance. Get your TaylorMade GAPR now at GolfBox.