Taylormade TP Collection Patina Putters

Taylormade TP Collection Patina Putters

Posted by GolfBox on 12th Aug 2019

Of all the clubs in a player's bag, the putter is the one that is most often selected purely on looks - if it suits a player's eye, it’ll usually go in the bag.

With that in mind, the new TaylorMade TP Collection Patina putters are expected to be a common sight on the greens this year.

Crafted from premium materials and tour-inspired in both appearance and performance, the TP Collection Patina range is made up of seven beautiful blade and mallet putters that will make an eye-catching first impression.


The TP Collection Patina line-up features a retro-inspired finish of black nickel and copper that highlights the clean lines and unique head shapes the putters exhibit.

A thin line of copper comes alive around the edges in contrast to the black of the putter head, replicating putters of the past that often had the same finish after years of use.

The soles of the TP Collection Patina putters are plated entirely in copper, which will oxidise and darken with age.

The Putters

The TaylorMade TP Collection Patina range has three blades: Juno, Soto and the new Del Monte, and four mallets: the Ardmore 1, 2, & 3 and the DuPage, which makes its debut.


Taylormade TP Collection Patina Putters

Del Monte: larger blade with a single bend shaft joining directly into the putterhead. With only 8° of toe hang, it’s close to a face-balanced blade and will suit players with a straighter stroke.

Soto: more rounded-edge blade with a long curved hosel and 47° of toe hang. Will suit a stroke that rotates the head open and closed.

Juno: sharp-edged blade with an L-neck hosel and 36° of toe hang. Suits strokes that open and close the putterface.


Ardmore 1: classically-shaped, face-balanced mallet with a single bend shaft and three sightlines. For straight-back-and-through strokes.

Ardmore 2: face-balanced modern-mallet with only two sightlines. Will suit a straight-back-and-through putting stroke.

Ardmore 3: smaller modern mallet with a 42° toe-hang courtesy of a short slant hosel. Suited to strokes that open and shut the putterface.

DuPage: large, face-balanced high-MOI (moment of inertia, the resistance to twisting) mallet with a single bend shaft. Suited to straight-back-and-through strokes.

Aluminum Insert

When TaylorMade brand something TP - that's Tour Preferred - you can expect it'll look like it belongs out on tour and more importantly, perform like it too.

The new TaylorMade TP Collection Patina putter range has been fitted with a new Aluminium Pure Roll insert that encourages a top-spinning roll off the putterface and at 5mm thick, offers a solid feel and sound at impact.

The insert is secured firmly by two Signature TP screws through the back cavity, eliminating any voids or air pockets between the insert and putterhead that could lead to a spongy feel.

Adjustable Weight Screws

Every TP Collection Patina putter has two weight screws fitted on the sole to meet a precise swing weight.

However, the swing weight of every TP Collection putter can be altered by using heavier or lighter weight screws, to tailor the feel of the putters.

Weights can be purchased separately and fitted using a wrench, with 2.5g, 5g, 7.5g, 10g, 15g and 20g screws available.

Taylormade Tp Collection Patina Specs

All TP Collection Patina putters have a full shaft offset, a lie angle of 70° and a loft of 3.5°.

The putters are fitted with a stiff KBS CT Taper Stepless chrome shaft that resists twisting of the putterface at impact and a Super Stroke Pistol GT 1.0 grip.

Taylormade TP Collection Patina Putters

Australian launch: Sept 6
Hand: All models RH, LH putters: Ardmore 2, Ardmore 3, Soto and DuPage
Shapes: Blade, Mallet
Loft: 3.5°
Lie Angle: 70°
Shaft: KBS CT Taper Stepless chrome (stiff)
Lengths: 34”, 35”
Face balanced models: Ardmore 1, Ardmore 2, DuPage
Toe Hang models: Ardmore 3 (42°), Juno (36°), Soto (47°), Del Monte (8°)
Offset: full shaft

Taylormade Patina Putters Specs