TaylorMade TP5 vs TP5x Golf Balls 2019

TaylorMade TP5 vs TP5x Golf Balls 2019

Posted by GolfBox on 7th May 2019

When TaylorMade released their new 2019  TP5 balls, golfers were rushing to change their allegiances given the extra spin, distance, launch and overall performance they offered.

But while clambering to switch, they sometimes overlooked an important detail: there are actually two balls, the standard  TP5 and the TP5x.

And while they’re both excellent balls, there are differences between the two that can make one slightly better than the other for some golfers.

So what are the differences?

The standard  TP5 feels slightly softer, with an overall compression of 85 and an inner core compression of 16, and will generate more spin, particularly with full and partial wedge shots into the green.

TaylorMade suggests a full wedge shot from 100 yards with the  TP5 will gain more than 300rpm of spin compared to the TP5x, and 200rpm from 30 yards.

On the flipside, the  TP5x is the lower-spinning species of the two and is slightly firmer, with a 97 compression and an inner core compression of 25.

But full iron shots will launch higher with the  TP5x and deliver a steeper decent angle into greens, especially with long irons.

So, the verdict?

Generally, the  TP5 is going to be suited to golfers who prefer extra spin around the greens and aren't hard hitters of the golf ball. It's the more inclusive ball of the two and will no doubt be the preferred option for the majority of golfers.

The  TP5x would be the ideal choice for high speed swings or for players who generate high levels of spin, its firmer feel helping to extract more distance and produce a more penetrating ball flight with slightly less spin.

However, a player's launch characteristics will have a big bearing on which ball performs best, so it's well and truly worth trying both the TaylorMade  TP5 and TP5x to find out which of the two is the pick for you.