The Golf Training Aids Guide 2018

Posted by GolfBox on 5th Jul 2018

Is it time to give your game a tune-up? Here’s a look at some of the best training aids on offer at GolfBox in 2018 to help you unlock your true golfing potential.


Are you ready to take the challenge and improve your flatstick failings? The Puttout Pressure Putt trainer will improve your distance control with its unique curved ramp and then refine it to tour pro levels with the mother-of-all putting tests, the micro target.

Accurate putts are conveniently sent back via the parabolic ramp but the education doesn’t just end there: the ball is returned the exact distance it would have rolled past the hole, had it missed, for additional feedback on your judgment of pace.

The Puttout Pressure Putt trainer is just as effective at home or on the greens and when your speed control is Spieth-like, swing the micro target into action for the ultimate examination.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to nestle a ball in the micro target - a small round depression a third of the way up the ramp. It sounds simple but only a putt with the perfect line and speed will lodge in the micro target. But be warned, it’s hard not be hooked once the micro target becomes your focus.


If your floorboards are slick, the shagpile's slow or the rug has more bumps than an acne-covered teenager, then the Puttout Pro Golf Putting mat is a must-have to improve your putting.

With alignment lines and distance markers printed on the surface for visual reference, the Puttout Pro Golf Putting mat provides the pure rolling surface that will help hone your putting prowess.

The surface replicates a medium-to-fast green speed, running at 10 on the stimpmeter.

The Puttout Pro Golf Putting Mat is available in green or grey and rolls up into a carry bag for compact storage.


Speed traps aren't usually considered a good thing, especially the ones hidden behind a tree on the freeway. However, the Eyeline Speed Trap will help you hit the golf ball longer, straighter and more consistently, which seems a great deal more rewarding than paying a speeding fine.

The Eyeline Speed Trap is essentially a checkpoint for your golf swing at two vital points: the takeaway and through the hitting zone.

Featuring alignment and ball position lines to aid a flawless set-up, the Eyeline Speed Trap also ingrains the correct ball-then-divot strike by shifting the focus to catching the grass in front of the ball - and not the Speed Trap’s tough polycarbonate base.

And if you’re struggling to correct a swing plane problem, the Eyeline Speed Trap’s foam “speed rods”, which are attached with Velcro, will drill the correct path into and after impact.

The Eyeline Speed Trap can be used for full swing shots as well as chips and pitches.


Mirror, mirror on the green, who is the best putter there’s ever been?

It’s literally time to reflect on your poor putting and see where it’s going wrong with the Eyeline Classic Putting mirror.

Popular on Tours around the globe, this training tool lets you examine your eye position, shoulder alignment and putter-face alignment while standing over a putt. The Eyeline Classic Putting mirror also features slots to create a “putting gate” out of tees to guide your stroke along the correct path.

There are also two other Eyeline Putting mirrors: the Eyeline Putting Alignment mirror, a travel sized version of the Eyeline Classic, and the Eyeline Edge mirror, which gives golfers who set up with their eyes inside the line the ability to still see their shoulder alignment and eye position.


You’ve probably seen alignment rods being stuck in the ground, laid flat on the grass or peeking out of the bags of the top pros on Tour.

They’re great for tending to the basics of the golf swing like alignment, swing plane and ball position. And when you’ve got the fundamentals right, you can work on the more problematic aspects of your swing.

Made from sturdy and lightweight fibreglass, Morodz Golf Alignment rods are 1.12m long – the perfect length to fit in a golf bag – and there are two in every pack.

Morodz Golf Alignment rods are available in white, pink, green, yellow, orange and red and the pack also includes a booklet detailing useful drills.


Whether you’re taking up the game or your swing has suddenly gone on leave without notice, the Callaway Basic Training Bundle has three training aids that will put you on the right path to hitting powerful and accurate shots.

First-up is the Callaway Swing-Easy, a giant elastic band that slips over your arms just above the elbows and will help connect your arms with your body turn.

By working to keep the club at the middle point of the triangle formed by the shoulders and arms, the Callaway Swing-Easy ingrains a one-piece takeaway and eliminates any unnecessary manipulation of the club.

Second-up is the wedge-shaped Callaway Power Platform, which will train your legs for an efficient weight transfer. Positioning your back foot on the Callaway Power Platform while maintaining a flexed knee will eliminate the swaying motion that leaks precious power from your swing, and will entrench the feeling of a proper weight transfer.

Lastly, the Callaway Chip Coach cuts out the “handsy” motion that leads to fat and thin contact that makes playing consistent golf impossible. Useful for training both chipping and putting strokes, the Callaway Chip Coach links the upper arms to get the feel of rocking the shoulders and leaving the hands quiet to make clean, efficient and effortless contact.


If it’s time to come to grips with the poor state of your game, it’s time to literally get your hands on the Gripit Rite Grip Trainer.

A powerful and fluid golf swing starts with a solid grip and when you begin to get that helpless feeling out on the course, the first port of call to search for answers is an inspection of your grip.

The Gripit Rite Grip Trainer slips over the end of every club in your bag and its moulded rubber handle will position your hands in the optimum spot to produce power and accuracy.

The Gripit Rite Grip Trainer also has a flip-out transparent guide with neutral, strong and weak grip alignment lines to adjust to your preference or to help solidify a new grip position. It can also be adjusted to help you hit draws and fades.

The Gripit Rite Grip Trainer is available in both left and right handed versions in a range of sizes, including junior and ladies varieties.


If you’re looking to liven up your putting routine at home, the Proactive Sports VariSpeed Putting System will invigorate your appetite for practice.

An adjustable foam wedge can be inserted under the VariSpeed Putting mat to replicate breaking putts and the ball’s track is left visible on the mat after every putt for instant analysis.

The mat’s fibres can also be brushed in different directions to produce four different green speeds, ranging from 7.5 to 13 on the stimpmeter.

Distance markings will assist your speed control and the Proactive Sports VariSpeed Putting System also comes with a booklet that details beneficial exercises for quick improvement and fun games that can be played.


The new Aiming TA3 training aid is kind of like having a coach, just without the waffling stories and weird metaphors.

Rarely do training aids feature two separate and distinct functions but the Aiming TA3 is a two-for-one deal: an alignment sensor and slope reader wrapped up in a lightweight and easy to use package.

And like throwing in a set of steak knives, the Aiming TA3 is so compact it can also be used as a ball marker on the greens.

A big hit in Asia, the Aiming TA3 is designed to be worn on your belt and is easily detached for use on the greens.

In alignment mode simply stand behind the ball in the direction of your target, press the Aiming TA3’s button and then address the ball. The Aiming TA3 will vibrate when you’re aligned square to the target and you can go ahead and rip it down the middle.

When placed on the putting surface, the Aiming TA3's LEDs will light up to indicate the slope of the green: one LED represents less than 3 degrees of slope, two LEDS is 3-6 degrees and three LEDS is over 6 degrees of slope.


Gravity is well known for being the invisible force that keeps everything on earth from flying off into space. But did you know gravity can also be used to achieve things of far greater consequence, like fixing your putting stroke and improving your golf performance?

The Eyeline Gravity Grip is a 700g weighted tube that uses the wonders of gravity to teach the perfect putting address and stroke.

Its premise is simple but very effective: the Eyeline Gravity Grip is heavy to the point that gravity takes over and drags your arms into the optimum putting address position – the point directly under your shoulders. And when you’re not quite in the slot you’ll get instant feedback: the Eyeline Gravity Grip will suddenly become even heavier and more cumbersome.

The Eyeline Gravity Grip also provides the same gravity-fed feedback when rehearsing your putting stroke. When the stroke deviates off the gravity line, you’ll soon feel the difference.

Then when the putter comes out for real, all that gravity goodness will help you make more putts on the greens.

So now's the time to invest in the Eyeline Gravity Grip and let gravity bring your dodgy putting stroke back to earth.


If you’ve ever thought ‘screw this’ after knifing countless balls out-of-bounds, then you may have just uttered the answer to your golfing woes.

Screwing a Proactive Sports Posiset Counter Weight into the little hole on the butt end of your grips can have a dramatic effect on your golf performance.

While adding a 17g weight to a club isn’t an obvious way to achieve better scoring, it’s the location of the Proactive Sports Posiset Counter Weight that can make all the difference.

This handy addition increases the mass in a player’s left hand (for a RH golfer), making it more responsive at the crucial transition stage at the top of the swing.

With the left hand loaded with additional weight, the club becomes easier to drop into the slot at the start of the downswing, preventing the handsy casting move that costs power and reduces accuracy.

A Proactive Sports Posiset Counter Weight will also help create more lag by helping to retain the wrist angle into impact - which is just the tonic for greater power and improved accuracy.

Proactive Sports Posiset Counter Weights come in a set of three and can be installed on any club in just seconds.


The SKLZ All In One Swing Trainer is the LeBron James of golf training aids: it's the one you turn to when you need to get back in the game and it can pretty much do it all.

For starters, the SKLZ All In One Swing Trainer can be used to refine your swing plane, stop an over-the-top swing path and keep your rear knee solid in the backswing.

It can also keep your head from moving, stop your hips from sliding and your entire body swaying.

And for a bit of extra mayo, the SKLZ All In One Swing Trainer can help you stay down and through your shots.

In fact, the SKLZ All In One Swing Trainer can be used to train/stop/learn just about any move in the golf swing - the possibilities are endless.

Consisting of a weighted base and two interconnected stakes that can be utilised and adapted for any teaching purpose, the SKLZ All In One Swing Trainer is fully adjustable to suit golfers of all heights and sizes. And it can be folded down into its own compact travel bag for easy storage - as you'd expect from a top-of-the-range golf performance product.

And just like LeBron, the SKLZ All In One Swing Trainer is the X-Factor that can turn an ordinary game into an extraordinary one.


When a golf training aid is bold enough to be named 'The Power Package', it better have some serious credentials to justify such a claim.

Well, The Power Package can indeed back it up by teaching mere mortals how to swing like a pro. The bright orange training aid focuses on how the wrists, which are so vital in producing power at impact, should hinge throughout the golf swing.

The key is to get the forearms resting in the cups of The Power Package at key points in the swing to achieve the correct hinge action.

With the wrists set correctly, The Power Package is also able to teach the feel of a perfect takeaway and swing plane and how to square the clubface at impact. It also shows how a correct rotation of a player's core can lead to powerful distance and incredible accuracy.

The Power Package will ingrain the perfect sequencing of the hands, wrists, arms and body to fix many different swing faults. It can be slipped onto the grip of any club in the bag.

If you want to see rapid improvement in your golf performance, store The Power Package in your golf bag, at home or in the office. Pretty soon your swing will become the complete package.

The Power Package comes in both right and left handed versions, with an oversized option also available.

The Power Package gets the tick of approval from 11-time PGA winner Tom Pernice Jr and Lanny Wadkins, an inductee of the World Golf Hall of Fame - some heavy-hitting recommendations right there.


As far as golf training aids go, it doesn't get more black and white than Eyeline MyRoll Balls.

These unique practice balls are painted black on one hemisphere and white on the other.

It's kind of like looking at a half moon when you drop them on the practice putting green, but they are absolutely brilliant to find out if you are rolling your putts truly.

Before you make your stroke, align the dividing line of the two hemispheres to the target. If the line stays upright on its journey, your stroke is pure; if it's as scrambled as a Nathan Lyon googly, it's odds-on that you are opening or closing the putterface slightly at impact.

Eyeline MyRoll Balls also have a red 'T' printed on them to assist squaring the putterface at impact.

It's never been so black and white to determine your level of putting performance - store these in the bag and start rolling it like a pro.