The TaylorMade P700 Iron Range Review

Posted by GolfBox on 13th Apr 2018

When a family’s values encompass qualities such as pure performance and flawless workmanship, it’s worth getting to know them.

So let’s introduce the entire TaylorMade P700 iron family, which is renowned for delivering the superior strike and controlled workability like only true players’ irons can.

TaylorMade P700 irons are designed with the needs of the world's top players in mind, but they are also able to deliver the feel, sound and playability to any golfers seeking Tour-inspired aesthetics and performance.

The TaylorMade P700 iron range is one big, happy family of forged, flawless precision. Find out whichTaylorMade P700 iron will suit your game.

Taylormade P730

To put it bluntly, TaylorMade P730 irons won’t be suitable for everyone’s game.

But if you strike it, shape it and spin it like the best in the business, then put out the welcome mat because P730s are designed for you.

Justin Rose had input into the final design and feel of the TaylorMadeP730s and the clubs have found their way into the bags of Jason Day, Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy, to name a few.

Taylormade P730 irons are one-piece muscleback blades and have the shortest blade length of any iron in the P700 range at a mere 73mm.

TaylorMade P700 Iron Range Review

The short blade length promotes a low horizontal MOI, which is an essential ingredient to create the workability TaylorMade P730s are legendary for. But be warned,P730s have next-to-no forgiveness for off centre strikes - if it’s not out of the sweet spot, these irons will let you know about it.

However, one noticeable feature of P730s is the horizontal channel carved into the back of the irons, which shifts a smidgeon of mass higher up the clubface.

The additional mass produces a slight bit of vertical forgiveness when the strike is high by a groove or two. Now, you’d probably have to be an elite ballstriker to notice any real difference but that's just the point - these irons are made for ball-striking freaks.

TaylorMade P730 irons are as precise as it gets for forged blades and an ultra-thin topline and bright chrome finish only adds to the mystique.

If you are looking for a traditional iron with maximum workability, then put TaylorMade P730 irons on your wish list.

Taylormade P750

When your propensity to shape the ball is Bubba-like but you get the jitters whenever ‘mucleback blade’ is mentioned, then TaylorMade P750 irons will fit the bill.

With a slightly thicker topline and a 2mm longer blade length (75mm) than the P730 musclebacks,P750s are the workhorse iron on the PGA and European Tours.

Sporting a minimal offset, narrow sole and a sharp and crisp leading edge, TaylorMade P750 irons sit comfortably among the best player’s irons on the market thanks to their pure feel and a capacity to shape the ball that is only limited by a player's imagination.

But where they diverge from the muscleback P730s becomes apparent when you flip theP750 over: a shallow cavity adds a thin veneer of forgiveness.

 Iron Range

Now when we’re talking about forgiveness in a forged blade, it’s not exactly ‘game improvement iron’ forgiveness. Mis-hits will be punished, not to the extent of the muscleback P730s, but when it’s out of the middle it’s as crisp, clean and pure as it gets.

The 3-7 irons in the P750 range have 5g of tungsten embedded in the sole to position the CG (centre of gravity) lower for a little extra forgiveness and ease of launch, but they still maintain a trajectory that is expected from a players’ iron – a penetrating ball flight with a little more height, but not into the 'ballooning' realm.

Rory McIlroy subbed a P750 four iron into hisP730 set to get a little extra height when going for the green on longer par 5s. Not a bad recommendation from one of the world’s best ball strikers.

Taylormade P770

Family traits run strong in the TaylorMade P700 iron range but like any family, slight differences do exist between siblings.

In the case of TaylorMade P770 irons, the workable players’ iron trait is still strong but extra forgiveness is theP770s' subtle distinction.

TaylorMade P770s are still Tour-inspired irons but have a longer blade length (77mm), significantly thicker topline and a larger cavity thanTaylorMade P750 irons.

They are not as blade-like or as compact as P750s and are a little heavier, with a 70g Tungsten rail added to the back cavity of the 3–7 irons to increase forgiveness and optimise CG placement for improved ball speed and launch.

But to emphasise the point, the shot-shaping pedigree of P770s is first and foremost the main design consideration; whether it’s a high draw, low cut or threading it through a gap only you can see,P770s are from the same stock as theirP730 andP750 siblings.

TaylorMade P770 irons have a progressive offset through the set and the larger back cavity and wider sole (compared toP750 irons) will help fill the gap when your ball-striking occasionally goes amiss.

Taylormade P790

In the P700 family, TaylorMade P790 irons are similar to the sibling who doesn’t quite resemble the rest of the family. Like a 7-foot tall giant among a family of midgets, or, colloquially speaking, the sibling referred to as the milkman’s offspring.

But performance wise, TaylorMade P790s are very much part of the P700 clan.

TaylorMade P790 irons are forged players’ irons that still retain shot-shaping characteristics but also have some of the distance-enhancing elements that are found in other TaylorMade irons.

It’s a blend of TaylorMade’s tech that makes the P790, which has the biggest blade length (79mm) in the P700 range, so versatile.

In a major departure from other irons in the P700 range, P790s are hollow-body irons, with components forged before being welded together.

golfbox Iron Range Review

But to retain the feel and sound of a forged players’ iron at impact, TaylorMade have filled the P790's cavity with Speedfoam, a polyurethane filling that softens vibrations and improves acoustics, so it’s more in keeping with other irons in theTaylorMade P700 family.

Speedfoam also strengthens the clubface so the P790's can be equipped with a thinner, more flexible and faster face, translating into higher ball speeds at impact.

TaylorMade P790 irons also get the MIMd (metal injection moulding) tungsten treatment to concentrate CG optimally and have a relatively high MOI when compared to the otherP700 irons. A speedslot on the sole is insurance against thin shots from low on the face.

As far as crossovers between players' irons and distance irons go, the TaylorMade P790 is quite remarkable in delivering the feel, sound and workability of a players' iron plus the forgiveness of a distance iron.

TaylorMade staffers Justin Rose and Jon Rahm have a P790 long iron in their bag, which, it's fair to say, highlights their potential in less than gifted hands.

With a bit of loft matching, every P700 iron can be integrated into a complete set to take advantage of the each member’s unique performance.