Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges

Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges

Posted by GolfBox on 29th Apr 2022

Titleist’s new Vokey SM9 wedge line is further proof that when Bob Vokey makes a wedge with his name on it, he goes all in.

Despite being the most popular wedge maker in the game, there’s not a hint of any laurel resting in the new Vokey SM9 range.

Nor is there an over-dependence on Vokey’s past glories. Heck, there’s not even a glib marketing campaign to pump up the new wedges.

Plain and simple, the new Vokey SM9 wedge range is a study in innovative persistence. They are wedges bursting with many small, yet highly significant gains, in performance.

So how do you improve the most popular wedge line-up in the game without muddling up the recipe - the very thing that makes Vokey wedges such a dominant force?

It can be summarised in three words: flatter, spinnier and … thicker?

Titleist- Vokey SM9 Wedges - Bob Vokey



Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges - Hero

Titleist’s Vokey wedge line has been a mainstay at the bottom end of many golfer’s bags for eons, but the SM9 is designed to improve control - in both distance and trajectory.

For many players, wedges provide an opportunity to hoist the ball high into the blue yonder and then watch it land softly, with a dose of cover-shredding spin the final act.

Sound familiar?

Not that there’s anything wrong with that (apologies to Seinfeld fans) but Bob Vokey knows of a much better way.

True wedge masters hit lower shots, which carry much higher spin rates, to achieve control and consistency.

And that is why the Vokey SM9 wedges feature a much flatter trajectory than their SM8 predecessors.

It’s been achieved by shifting the CG higher and more forward, without making the wedges appear outwardly un-Vokey, especially among the higher-lofted wedges.

Titleist Vokey SM9 wedges come in three finishes:  Tour ChromeBrushed Steel and Jet Black.


Deep and narrow grooves in the lower-lofted models give way to wide and shallow ones in the higher-lofted Vokey SM9 wedges.

It’s a design that produces more iron-like spin and performance in the lower lofts (given the propensity for full swing use), while promoting much more spin on those finesse shots around the greens with the higher-lofted SM9 wedges.

The smorgasbord of spin continues with Vokey’s spin milled groove cutting process. The new tooling creates more precise tolerances than ever before, meaning spin has never been so consistent in a Vokey wedge.

And to top it off, Vokey heat treat the face of all their SM9 wedges. That makes the grooves more durable, helping them stay sharper for longer to effectively increase the lifespan of SM9 wedges.


While the texture lines that sit in between face grooves have literally popped up on other wedges for some time now, Vokey have been fence sitters on the whole “micro groove” deal.

Until now, that is.

Micro grooves make their debut on a Vokey wedge for the first time in the SM9 line-up and it’s another avenue for increasing spin rates.

They generate more jazz off the face and grip particularly well on half shots, while in wet conditions they channel water efficiently off the face to maintain consistent spin rates.

Titleist- Vokey SM9 Wedges - Micro Grooves


Additional mass has been assigned to the top half of SM9 wedges as part of their higher/forward CG philosophy.

But never fear, there are no chunky game improvement-style top lines.

Some clever bevelling underneath the top line has hidden the extra mass extra well, helping the SM9 to look like Vokey wedges always have – lean and clean.


Whether you’re a digger or a sweeper, or play off firm, soft or in-between turf, the SM9 wedge line-up has an extensive range of grind and bounce combinations.

Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedge - 6 Grind Options

There are six grinds to choose from:

  • L Grind: Low bounce, narrow sole that is perfect off tight lies and firm turf, yet highly versatile around the greens.
  • M Grind: Mid bounce, ideal sole for open or closed faced shots around the green and a sweeping angle of attack.
  • F Grind: A traditional grind that offers full access to the sole. Ideal for full wedge approaches and square-faced shots.
  • S Grind: Mid bounce, geared for square-faced shots. Suited to neutral to firm turf and good for players who like to control loft with their hands.
  • D Grind: Bevelled leading edge from heel to toe, for players with a steep angle of attack. Good option for soft turf.
  • K Grind: Extra wide sole with high bounce, designed to beat any bunker. Particularly forgiving and suited to soft conditions.



  • Australian Launch Date: 25/03/2022
  • Hand: Right/Left
  • Standard shaft: True Temper DG S200
  • Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360
  • Finishes: Tour Chrome, Brushed Steel, Jet Black
  • Titleist Vokey SM9 wedge loft/bounce combinations:
  • F grind: 46°/10°, 48°/10°, 50°/8°, 50°/12°, 52°/8°, 52°/12°, 54°/14°, 56°/14°
  • S grind: 54°/10°, 56°/10°, 58°/10°, 60°/10°
  • D grind: 54°/12°, 56°/12°, 58°/12°, 60°/12°
  • M grind: 56°/8°, 58°/8°, 60°/8°, 62°/8°
  • K grind: 58°/14°, 60°/14°
  • L grind: 60°/4°