Cobra King Supersport 35 Putter

Cobra King Supersport 35 Putter

Posted by GolfBox on 18th Nov 2020

Limited edition clubs have become almost de rigueur of late but the new Cobra King Supersport-35 putter is anything but run-of-the-mill.

The special issue putter has been 3D printed, rather than made using traditional casting or forging methods, and is Cobra’s first official foray into the new frontier of digital club manufacturing. 

The result of a three-way Cobra collaboration with HP and Parmatech - both specialists in the 3D printing field - the Supersport 35 features the most sophisticated shapes and structures seen in a putter, all made possible through HP Metal Jet technology.

The Cobra King Supersport 35 will be available in very limited quantities!


Lattice Frame

The intricate lattice work front and centre in the Cobra King Supersport-35’s putter head is where 3D printing comes to the fore.

The latticework simply couldn’t be replicated through the casting or forging process and delivers a double-pronged dose of benefits.

It allowed Cobra engineers to fine tune the feel of the putter without the use of additional screw-in sole weights and boosts stability by shifting mass to the perimeter of the putter head.

The Supersport-35 is one of the most stable blade putters seen in golf and delivers on the hype with high-MOI heel-to-toe consistency, exceptional forgiveness and incredible feel.

Printed To Perfection

Harnessing 3D printing meant the Cobra King Supersport-35 putter could be refined quickly and efficiently.

Cobra engineers were able to build and examine design iterations quickly, with 35 prototypes 3D printed before the best model was declared – the one now carrying the Cobra King Supersport-35 name.

Printed from 316 stainless steel, Supersport-35 putter heads are sintered at high temperatures then precision milled via a CNC machine to precise specifications.

The experience of creating the Supersport-35 putter saw Cobra commit to producing another two 3D printed clubs in 2021.


The oversized blade of the Cobra King Supersport-35 putter gets SIK Golf’s descending loft insert, which has been adapted to an aluminium format.

It is lighter than the standard steel SIK insert, saving weight from the front of the putter face to be repurposed on the perimeter of the putter head.

But the real game changer on the Cobra King Supersport-35 putter comes in the form of the SIK insert’s optimised loft design.

The insert’s loft descends in one-degree increments, from 4° at the top to 1° at the bottom, and it has the effect of neutralising a putter stroke’s angle of attack at impact.

It leads to consistent contact and even roll, regardless where the ball is struck on the putter face.

Cobra Connect

The Cobra King Supersport-35 putter is only available in a right-hand version and is fitted with a Cobra Lamkin Sinkfit CONNECT as standard.

The grip has a Cobra Connect sensor embedded that allows data to be collected automatically when linked with the Arccos game tracking system, offering a detailed data-driven overview of a player’s game.

Cobra King Supersport 35 Putter Specifications

  • Release date: November 20, 2020
  • Hand: RH, LH options availabe
  • Loft: SIK insert, descending lofts of 4°, 3°, 2°, 1°
  • Lie Angle: 70°
  • Length: 34"
  • Toe Hang: 35°
  • Grip: Cobra Lamkin Sinkfit CONNECT