NEW 2021 Mizuno M-Craft Putters

NEW 2021 Mizuno M-Craft Putters

Posted by GolfBox on 8th Jan 2021

If you’ve fallen out of love with your current putter and are contemplating a fresh start in the New Year, Mizuno’s M-Craft line-up will be ready and waiting for you.

The Japanese manufacturer will add three new models to the M-Craft putter line in February 2021, joining the trio of classic putters that resurrected the range earlier this year after a seven-year break.

Delivering the same trademark performance and superior feel as Mizuno’s classic-looking irons, the new M-Craft putters will rekindle your spark and help you find some love on the greens again.


The three initial  Mizuno M-Craft putter models were all classically-styled putters, but the new additions deviate ever so slightly into more progressive territory – although it must be said Mizuno never build clubs that look and feel unwieldy.

Continuing the sequential naming convention, the new M-Craft IV, M-Craft V and M-Craft VI putters are milled entirely from 1025 forged steel, a material highly regarded by Mizuno for its soft feel.

The putters feature a deep and aggressive face milling pattern, which concentrates the point of impact for precise feedback and pure roll – no face inserts are used in the M-Craft line-up.

The M-Craft IV is a wide-backed square putter fitted with a slant neck hosel for a moderate toe-hang and will suit players with a moderate arc to their stroke.

M-Craft IV Putter 2021 - 3 Colours

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The M-Craft V is a large mallet, with a heel-toe balance and slant neck hosel providing maximum toe-hang. It will complement a stroke that opens and shuts the putter face significantly.

M-Craft V Putter 2021 - 3 Colours

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The M-Craft VI is a mallet with stability-enhancing wings extending from the heel and toe. It is slightly heavier and highly stable and is face-balanced to suit players with a straight-back-and-through stroke.

M-Craft VI Putter 2021 - 3 Colours

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All three 2021 putters will be available in three traditional Mizuno colour schemes: White Satin, Black Ion or Blue Ion.


The new additions complement the three original M-Craft offerings:

The Mizuno M-Craft I is a square-backed putter with a slant neck, designed for maximum toe-hang to suit an acutely arcing putting stroke.

Then there's the Mizuno M-Craft II, a traditional Anser-style head which will complement a more gently arcing stroke.

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And the Mizuno M-Craft III is a face-balanced players' mallet that will aid a straight back-and-through putting action.

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All three putters are available in three traditional Mizuno colour schemes: White Satin, Black Ion or Blue Ion.

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Weighing 355g (the M-Craft VI is slightly heavier at 371g), the putters are on the heftier side, but Mizuno are confident the extra weight leads to a smoother and more stable putting stroke.

Each M-Craft putter is fitted with dual 8g sole weights, but they are adjustable: each putter comes with its very own weight kit, which contains two 3g weights and two 13g weights to customise the head feel.

And slotting unequal weight combinations into the sole will alter the toe hang, to customise the perfect amount of release for any arcing putting stroke.

A KBS Tour shaft is standard in the M-Craft putter range and a Lamkin Deep Etched cord grip is standard. The putters have 4° of loft.


  • Hand: RH/LH
  • Loft:
  • Lie Angle: 70°
  • Shaft: KBS Tour
  • Length: 34"
  • Standard head weight: 355g; M-Craft VI: 371g
  • Face balanced models: M-Craft III, M-Craft VI
  • Toe Hang models: M-Craft I, M-Craft II, M-Craft IV, M-Craft V
  • Offset: M-Craft I: full shaft; M-Craft II: three-quarter shaft; M-Craft III: half-shaft; M-Craft IV: full shaft; M-Craft V: three-quarter shaft; M-Craft VI: half-shaft
  • Grip: Grip Master Leather Putter Grip