Golf Club Repairs & Clubmaking

Who would think of the detail that goes into golf club repairs and building?

After all it's only a golf club head, shaft and grip! But when we think about what high impacts and forces put on these parts, you only want your golf club build and repairs to be done by the best.

Backed by decades of experience Kenji Nakashima our Master Club Maker uses only the best golf components and machinery. GolfBox offers a full golf club repair and club building service; whether it be a regripping of your golf clubs, fixing that broken shaft, upgrading your shaft, frequency matching your set or checking your lie angles and lofts we have the people, resources and equipment to get you on the golf course again.

Services offered include, but not limited to:

  • Frequency Analysis (Flex check)
  • Lie and loft adjustments (Wood, Irons and Putter)
  • Golf Club Reshafting
  • Golf Club Regripping
  • Golf Shaft Replacement/Upgrading
  • Length Adjustment

Come into our Superstores located across Perth and one of our friendly team will be able to help with your golf club repairs.

GolfBox also offers a Custom Club Fitting service to help improve your game.

Book a Custom Club Fitting